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02/27/2011 04:03 PM

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Oh, there are days I do not enjoy being a woman or getting older. I have just started (within the past month) being symptomatic of menopause. I am having hot flashes and mood swings; I don't know which is worse. Maybe they are equally bad.

The hot flashes come on instantaneously; one minute I am ripping off clothes and then later I can redress. I cry, get mad, so many emotions are flooding me at the same time and it is making me and my partner crazy.

I do not have health coverage so medication is not an option. I already take medication for bipolar but that does not seem to be helping at all with these mood swings.

Anyone know of something I can do to ease these symptoms? Herbal medicine maybe? Thank you for any advice. Angry or Smile


02/28/2011 05:55 PM
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Hi and Welcome!!! There is a GNC vita-pack for menopause....I don't know how much it is....I can do some checking for you and get back to you on some natural ways to help with symptoms....Diet and exercise work....Not drinking caffine, alcohol, or taking hot baths close to bed time are also supposed to help....

I have a fan in my bedroom amd wear lighter clothes...

Best wishes, Chris


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