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09/10/2009 11:41 AM

Flu Vaccine and Meniere's

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Has anyone been told by their doctor not to have a flu vaccine? I have had severe vertigo attacks that have lasted for hours, the past 3 years, about 4-6 hours following my flu vaccine. My ENT told me NO flu vaccine this year.



10/10/2009 07:34 AM
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I've never had a flu shot before yesterday, but based on how I felt last night and still feel today, I wish I'd mentioned it to my doctor before scheduling the vaccine. I'll deal with this side effect this year, and thankfully I scheduled my vaccine specifically so that if I had side effects I'd be off work for two days to get better. Needless to say, unless I start to qualify as some sort of at-risk population that HAS to get the flu shot, I'll never get another one again.

11/05/2009 10:57 AM
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I just wanted to mention my experience here as I did not have nay trouble before the flu shot but all of my Menieres started about 10 days after and here is what my Naturalpathic doctor had to say about it....

Well well well, this is the link we have been looking for. Sometimesit takes a long time before you can put the puzzle together. There isa lot of evidence for auto-immune conditions occuring aftervaccinations, but I believe it only happens in "susceptible" peoplewho have a family history of auto-immunity. I have a patient withauto-immune alopecia that occured after she had 5 vaccines in one day(for travel.) Absolutely do not get the Swine Flu Vaccine or the Regular Flu shot.We can give you a homeopathic flu shot here, but you should not begetting anything else.


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