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07/15/2011 05:09 PM

Stress as a trigger - Can't do much about that

TamieJPPosts: 2316
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My husband has been disabled for 11 years. I cannot work because he needs near 24/7 care. He's recently been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver from years of pain medications & toxic levels of some medications that went undetected for at least 3 years.

Our 'income' is less than our bills. We live in my in-laws house (not home, it's a separate house), the van is getting older and older...

Life is very, VERY difficult. The hardest part is the cirrhosis. Cirrhosis causes something called Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE). HE causes a person to be very irritable, sleepy (16-22 hours a day) & overall scary to live with...

We walk around on egg shells. We whisper anything that might not be pleasant like "we are out of milk" or "the dog puked on the carpet", "gas prices went up".

I do not know how to reduce stress...


07/15/2011 07:17 PM
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I'm an Advocate are dealing with a lot...and i can see why you are so is a list of stress reducers...some may not work for you or are not practical..but some are... and may help a bit...



Throw On Some Music and Clean House

• Watch Aquarium Fish

• Take a Walk With A Friend

• Sing Along With Music

• Set Up a Home Spa

• Cut Down On Some of Your Commitments

• Play Positive Affirmations Hangman

• Play the Stress Management Memory Game

• Walk Your Dog

• Try Breathing Exercises

• Draw a Picture

• Dance to Your Favorite Music

• Work on Becoming An Optimist

• Try Focused Meditation

• Decode a Cryptogram Puzzle

• Take a Mini-Vacation

• Pray

• Keep a Gratitude Journal

• Play Music and Cook Something Wonderful

• Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

• Learn to Say No To Demands on Your Time

•Take a Nap


Playing Games




Music Therapy

Take a Walk

Plant a Garden

Time Management

Listen To Music

Eat a Balanced Diet

Learn Assertive Communication Skills

Enjoy Aromatherapy

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Drink in Moderation

Don't Procrastinate

Drink Green Tea

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07/16/2011 06:15 AM
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Hi Tamie,

See if you can borrow a stress reducer CD from your local library. They are very helpful in reducing stress. Things do have a tendency in resolving themselves, it takes a lot of time, but they will.

All my best (love and kisses),


07/18/2011 10:59 AM
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EDIT: I laughed so hard at my mistake that I decided to leave it below! First sentence, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Hopefully you know what I meant, and maybe I'm over the edge (actually, I'm sure I am), but maybe it will give you a laugh! Haha, okay, I meant to say that I came here to see if I could help.

My unedited post:

I came here to see if I could be helped, but instead, it was I who was helped. Greytabby, your list looks like one I'll link back to frequently! I think I read somewhere that you haven't been feeling well. I've been quite ill these past few days as well, and I hope you're feeling better. Starting at the top of the list, I think I'll do exactly that. I've already gone ahead and thrown away a very large collection of pink mesh bags from dry noodles I've bought. I may regret it one day, but I know people who save stuff like that are called hoarders, and the last thing I want is to be one of them! Off I go!

Tammie, I hope things begin to look up for you! Smile I've been considering permanently getting rid of the car because of the fact that it costs more than the rest of my life combined. In the last couple weeks, the fan in the air system has stopped working, so I can't use the AC. Because of the fact that I live so far out of the range of public transportation, getting rid of my car isn't a reasonable option, but it may become my only option. We will figure out a way to get by because we must.

Well, off I go! Really this time! Laughing

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07/18/2011 12:33 PM
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Hi SomethingDifferent,

You are very wise and I hope each and everyone of us will look back at these experiences with a light, happy heart. If you read the Bible, please read Psalms 139, especially verse 14.


07/18/2011 07:51 PM
Posts: 213

{{{blush}}} Most times when I think about the old memories I have, most of them are from a world where everything was better. I always think how good life was back then. I've always thought that way. The bad memories are always a single major event here and there that are just so unbearable, such as the death of a special friend.

Oh brother, I just made myself cry. Well, that's what I get for talking too much. I was trying to say, I think we'll remember the best of this time. You know, I don't even remember the point I was trying to make, hah! Maybe I'll think of it later.

07/18/2011 08:01 PM
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I'm an Advocate

LOL @ somethingdifferent..


07/19/2011 06:01 AM
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Very funny! That happens to me too! All that valium that I have been taking for 7 months has affected my brain cells.

Take care and I wish you a happy, healthy day!



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