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06/29/2011 04:21 PM

Rainy day almost over!!!!

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So the tropical storm in the gulf is giving us Floridians some well needed rain! My pool's been over flowing!!Cool hoping that the rain will go away for the 4th...I love fireworks!

I will be on later if anyone wants to talk, I am on day 3 from being pot free! A friend came to visit me today and the first thing I had to tell her is that I quit, she didn't stay long and I am kinda glad she didn't. I think that is what's gonna be my trigger, my old smoking friends! Well thats why there is social networking sites, so I can keep in touch without acutally being around them! I know if she stayed longer we would of toked, it was hard not to ask her......but I did itW00t


06/29/2011 05:40 PM

Good for you Brandie Smile hang in there - one day is all you have to worry about...


06/29/2011 08:41 PM
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I so agree behind the mask! Great Job Brandie Smile

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