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10/26/2009 03:26 PM

Long term effects lymphedema

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Hi all, am new here and was wondering if anyone else had some information.

In 1995 (I was 24 years old), I was diagnosed with Melanoma which metastized to the inguinal nodes. I had 20 superfical nodes and 10 deep nodes removed. At this point (14 years later) I continue to struggle with the lymphedema (not always compliant in the past). My one left is MUCH larger and heavier than normal. Recently, I have begun having problems with my knee. I went to my primary care doctor or stated that he thought the long term lymphedema has been wearing away my knee cap. He has referred me to an orthopedic doctor later this week. However, I have been attempting to locate any information online regarding the long term effects of lymphedema on bone degeneration. I was curious if anyone else out there has run into something similar?




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