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01/21/2012 09:30 PM

Feel like crying....confused on what to do

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Well i just don't get it. What in the world is wrong with me. Why can't someone just give me a clear diagnosis. I felt the closest thing to what could've been wrong with me was lyme and/or co-infections. It seemed to me that this could be the only thing.

Seriously, i use to cry every single night when i was bed bound for 8 months. Tonight i feel like just crying for a little. MY BIGGEST PROBLEM is muscle loss. I just don't get how i can't put on muscle mass. It's so freakin frustrating.

I am up to 27 drops of una de gato. I haven't herxed, all i felt was some head pressure in the beggining but that's it. I also was taking 10 tabs of Bromelain. I don't know if these supps are helping or not but i haven't seen any significant muscle changes.

I even went out to buy me some 15 lb dumbells to do some kind of exercise as a desperate attempt to save myself. If i did have lyme shouldn't i have herxed a little when taking una de gato. Also, shouldn't the bromelain have helped with putting on some weight.

It sucks so bad. I eat so so much and yet all i gain is fat and no muscle. I walk strange because of it. I wonder if there is some absorption problem. I have even cut down on my steroid usage. I only take 3 mg of medrol now and 5 mg of Cortef (Cortef has a shorter half-life and also is bio-identical cortisol).

I know that steroids like medrol can inhibit protein synthesis because cortisol does that. But if i'm low on cortisol, which tests proved me to be so, then i am replacing what's missing. AAAAAAHHHHHH

If too much steroid usage was really a problem then my blood glucose would show too high, my blood pressure would rise higher, and i would be bloated and have a round face and other swollen parts of my body.

I have some cumanda on the way and i've got a bottle of Carnivora that i will take once i'm done with the Bromelain.

If you read this far thanks for letting me vent. Sorry. I hate being this way.



01/22/2012 07:54 AM
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Absorption can certainly be an issue...and can really hinder quite a bit...

Whole food fruit and veggie supplements can help to fix this issue...

But you also have to remember...this is going to take time...I have had this for 30 years - and it took nearly 15 years for me to finally get the right combo of supplements and treatment to get this thing in remission...

Una de Cato also doesn't work for least not to the same degree...for me it works in short bursts....and not everyone herxes...there have only been a few conventional meds and naturals that cause me to herx...

I got this natural called Spiro - and WHOA...what a difference that made...had to go really slow in the beginning...and it was certainly what helped me get into remission...

So you may need to go through a process of trying different products to find the one that works best with your body...

01/22/2012 09:09 PM
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Thank you Christine for clarifying this for me. i though una de gato was like the one and only for lyme and co-infections. Well not the ONE and only, but like the main supplement for lyme. I got some cumanda on the way.

And i know there's alot of other stuff out there. It just frustrates me that i don't have a clear diagnosis. But now that i'll have some money i'm going to use it to get this thing figured out.

Thank you so very much, you're an angel to this group.



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