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06/20/2007 12:31 AM

How to change the font when posting

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Hello everybody.

Bettyg pointed out that many of you, chronic lymies, have difficulty reading smaller fonts due to vision impairment.

We are looking into a solution to increase and darken the font overall, for you to be able to read with ease – but it's not that simple, or fast.

For now, a small tutorial on how to change the font when posting.

The best way to do it is to write the post normally, and then, after you are done writing:

1. Press at the same time the CTRL key and the A key – this will select the text

2. From the Size dropdown menu select the desired size

3. In order to change the color as well, you will have to repeat step 1 and then choose the desired color from the Color dropdown menu.

Same goes with all the other formatting tools – bold, italic, underline – first select the text, as described above, for each change you would like to make.

For those of you with 20/20 vision, please take a few seconds to increase the font of your post, out of courtesy for those with affected sight.

There are also ways to increase the font of your browser, for all the sites you visit (it's really simple to set, you just have to go to View -> Text Size, for most browsers). Please let me know if you'd like me to elaborate on that, as well as on other tools available for those with weaker vision.

I'm here for any questions and suggestions. We're always eager for feedback.

Have a nice stay! Smile

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06/20/2007 10:50 PM
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UPDATING! I again would like to ask your help in using BIG size and colour ... NOT STANDARD as it does not show up for neuro lymies like myself. good DARK colors are great to show up: dark blue, blue, green, and red are the ones i've found most useful for my eyesight!

thank you all for your consideration of lymies with decades of chronic lyme; 38 yrs. this xmas for me from that terrible tick coming off my folk's LIVE XMAS tree!

hi nadina,

thank you for posting about the dilemna that i/many other neuro lymies go thru on trying to read posts, etc.

i'm passing along some other tips i've learned thru trial and error.

i always use the VIEW, FONT, LARGEST, but there is a 1-step process you can use too! use your CONTROL/MOUSE WHEEL at same time to increase or decrease the size you want. experiement with this ok. it's a timesaver!

the procedure i've been using to post in the last few days is this:

i click on your POST REPLY THAT IS SHOWN IN RED or whatever it is called ABOVE the box you could type in.

then below the subject line are the color choice and font on SAME line; i click on EACH one separately and pick what i want; example, blue, and then font, 4, for my eyesight.

(ps ... found out size 5 is too large and runs the sentences right OVER each other making the post illegible. I'm sorry to all. Perhaps MODERATORS/WEBMASTER can change my size 5 posts to 4 for us ALL! thanks all!)

hope this helps you all too! again, both tips are timesavers to me! [/color]

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