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02/02/2010 01:28 PM

Tip for Bad Taste from Flagyl

smoxitoPosts: 512

I don't know how this will work for other meds like Biaxin & Ceftin (I never tried it with Biaxin & had horrible taste in my mouth).

Applesauce & Agave Nectar did the trick for the Flagyl. I dropped the pill in a spoonful of applesauce and put a squirt of Agave over where the pill stuck out.

I ate a bite or two of applesauce first. Then, swallowed the spoonful and chased with a glassful of water. Then ate another spoonful of applesauce. I haven't had any problems with a bad taste (and I did with other meds).


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02/02/2010 04:43 PM
Posts: 473

this is a great suggestion...I have always done this with pills...when I was little, I choked on a pill and this is the only way I have been able to take them ever since...

the omnicef still has an awful taste in the applesauce, but it sure does help with the taste of flagyl!

I have also done this with yogurt (not the best idea for taking abx), pudding, and even with bread (chew it up really well and then stick the pill in it and swallow)!

ohh the oodles of tips from the lymies...

02/03/2010 08:47 AM
Posts: 1009

Trouble with Biaxin is not with the taste when swallowing. The aftertaste comes later on.

Kristie, watch which drugs you take with yogurt. Some specifically say not to take with foods containing calcium.

02/03/2010 09:23 AM
Posts: 473

oh...I have been very careful! I usually only take safe supplements with it....I have always avoided taking antibiotics with yogurt because the abx conteract the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt!

thanks for looking out for me though! Wink

05/14/2010 12:17 PM
Posts: 94

Today I took a small piece of bread and wrapped it around the flagyl. It worked!

I had NO taste of it, bot even an aftertaste. All of you know how wonderful it is not to taste it!

05/14/2010 01:03 PM
Posts: 666

I've never had a funny/bad taste with flagyl. Biaxin ... whole other story. And the aftertaste did come much later. Gag.

I love these tips!

07/11/2012 08:45 PM
Posts: 54

I'm totally having this right now. I will try these suggestions, but I am skeptical. It sounds like people found the taste bad when swallowing the pills.

I'm fine all day after I've taken it until the evening. That's when it seems to kick up to me. I wonder what causes it. I know it is a common thing, but I hope so called 'side effects' aren't harmful.

09/29/2012 07:38 AM
Posts: 1
New Member

My tip for avoiding the awful taste of Flagyl is to dip the pill in a small amount of vegetable oil, I used olive oil, then pop the pill in your mouth and swallow with a glass of water. No taste at all and only few calories of a good oil.

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