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05/07/2009 07:09 AM

May IS Lyme Disease Awareness Month!!!!

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Make a point to educate someone this month about Lyme Disease!

wE have compiled a list you can print and give to anyone with links they can visit or you can print for them.

Pass it through email and anyway you can - lets get people educated!



12 Lyme Disease Facts

1). You are more than 10 times more likely to get Lyme Disease than West Nile Virus. Ticks are everywhere; you are most likely to be bitten in your own yard.

2). Lyme Disease has surpassed AIDS as the #1 infectious disease in the U.S.

3). Testing for Lyme Disease is UNRELIABLE. To be tested correctly you must have your blood tested through a tick borne specialty labe such as Igenex Lab in Palo Alto, Cal.

4). Lyme Disease is passed many ways, ticks, all biting blood-sucking insects can be carriers.

5). The average primary Md knows NOTHING about Lyme Disease even though they believe they do.

6). Lyme Disease, if not caught right after the bite can become chronic with multiple systemic (body-wide) symptoms that is extremely hard to treat and patients only hope is long term antibiotics, sometimes YEARS and hope for remission.

7). You know someone with Lyme Disease; they likely don't know it.

It is the "great imitator" If you know someone with pain, back problems, knee problems, Fibro, anxiety, migraines - you know someone with Lyme.

There are 100 symptoms of Lyme Disease. 300 other diseases mimic lyme!

8). Only LLLMDS, yme literate Md's treat Lyme Disease effectively, not found in your local phone book either. Contact The Lyme Disease Association for more information Lyme doctor referral.

9). Lyme Disease enters the central nervous system almost immediately; even if "cured" you can relapse many years later.

10). The symptoms of LD are so devastating it can be completely disabling with symptoms similar to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS or minor as migraines and insomnia may be the cause of these diseases!

11). Lyme Disease may be responsible for all psychiatric illness; the number one cause of LD death is suicide.

12). Lyme Disease can kill.

Links to educate the misinformed or uneducated: Psychiatric_Brochure_08_08.pdf Primary_care_brochure_08_08.pdf Physician_Training_Program.pdf ... e-disease/

edited: i put the website above & added some important ones below plus 1-2 sentences in what jaime posted so it's all in ONE spot vs. several different posts. bettyg, group leader

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member found jaime's first 3 links from ilads were bad; i correctd them and added CALDA.ORG's great website too. Smile betty

edited: CALDA.ORG was wrong; changed it to: betty

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03/13/2010 01:40 AM
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forwarded to me from lisa, new member on here, and i added additional comments to her list. betty

Activism Events For This Summer

Lyme Support Network Lymewalk- we are working on the details of this now.

Painting May Green with Ribbons Across America & Canada

May is Lyme Disease awareness month in many states. Whether it is or not in your state or country doesn't really make a difference. HAVE IT WHEN YOU WANT TO!

For the month of May the goal is to get awareness out in any way you can.

Trish McLeary started this last year with her, "Ribbons Across America" project. Basically we want to paint your town lyme green. And this project is nice because people that are really sick and stay home can participate by decorating their yard.

Here's some ideas for May:

*Tie lyme green ribbons all over your yard: TREES, BUSHES, WINDMILLS, FENCES, OUTDOOR LIGHTING.

You can write down lyme websites on these ribbons, or sayings like, "Denying Lyme is a Cryme!"

* Get your CITY's permission to tie up these ribbons on phone poles.

* Drop off LDA brochures for convenience stores, gas stations, schools to hand out.

*Tack up LDA or ILADS brochures on any local bulletin boards.

* Order signs OR make your own yard signs saying things like :

Pass our Lyme Bills HR1179 and S1352 so that Lyme Doctors don't get in trouble for treating us!

*Go to local places and hand out lyme flyers and green ribbons.

*Wear your lyme green lyme teeshirts!

*Contact newspapers & media....request to be INTERVIEWED Smile

Wall Of Hope

Okay the second event, we are uniting with Canada to have a "Wall of Hope."

This event was started by then 17 year old, Josh Drew & Mary DeLisser. Canada has done it three years in a row and this year we will unite with them.

This event will be in September, date pending right now.

For this we need to set up locations and permits to RALLY (peacefully) outside of any important building, state houses, capitols, CDC buildings...that sorta thing.

We just gather with our lyme green shirts on with signs. You can arrange speakers, like LLMDS or any activists...

For more details on these events go to:!/group.php? gid=275494311477&ref=ts!/group.php? gid=115051712663&ref=ts lyme-green/

04/03/2010 05:11 AM
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here's some links I posted to your post in general forum, thought I'd put it here too Smile

here's the link to the fact section, I've taken some of the most pertinant info and put it here too so you can print it out and send it around....tons of good info. forums/studies-research forums/studies-research/353038-lyme-memorial-never- forgotten forums/studies-research/409798-lyme-facts forums/studies-research/366555-lymea-multi-system-disease forums/studies-research/545275-printable-brochures-to-help- understand-ld

my favorite, simple, short: forums/studies-research/545271-lyme-facts-fliers-etc-for- family-and-mds forums/studies-research/1210229-evidence-based-guidelines forums/studies-research/318635-lyme-and-co-infections- symptoms

this one is great too: forums/studies-research/408413-but-you-dont-look-sick forums/studies-research/318606-300-medical-conditions- related-to-lyme

edited by betty ..

jaime, somehow, you got an extra 1-2 spaces on each link so it would not highlite the entire link; think i got them fixed so they can used now by folks Smile hugs

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04/12/2010 11:37 AM
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BIG kudos to you girl! You've really done a great job on all of this Smile

I hope we can all do some small part now. If we all , even on the SMALL scale of this , printed this out and sent it to 5 doctors, or hospitals, or pharmacies, or radio stations or news stations it would be HUGE.

I plan on typing up my story again to include with this, kind of as a "lead in" as to why this is so important to me personally, and the whole "let's not let this keep happening to others" thing.

I will be contacting local and national news stations, as well as docs, pharmacies, etc.

Some people have tied lyme green ribbons to their tree's, and asked friends, neighbors and family to do the same, or even done it for them.

As well as using those "info" holders that people use when they are selling their houses, this would be a great "please take one" type thing.

My friend is having a garage sale, and as I"ve always done for mine, I"m going to print stuff like this out to hand out and talk to all the people who come.

You'd be surprised, you can really get a feel for people quickly and easily, last time I had a garage sale I must have talked to 40 people, and handed out 40 of my little lyme fact sheets to people.

I know several of them were VERY interested in it, and have contacted me for more info , either for them or someone they knew.

Of course you will always run into that person or two who think they are just sooooo funny.... "oh lyme disease, no I have lemon disease" jackholes! haha

I just blow them off, can't save everyone, but you just never know who you might save, and it's a great feeling!

04/15/2010 06:17 AM
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Wink I had a flyer that I was going to use at the grocery stores. I have one OK but waiting on another. A flyer will be placed (one per customer) in their grocery bags. I think yours is better so I may use it. Hope it's OK.

I have a few pharmacy stores that will be distributing brochurs and also medical centers.

I am still waiting for other approvals. I'm not sure the schools will do it this year, doesn't look good. However, I plan on beating on their doors until they say, YES.

Good luck to all of you.

04/28/2010 02:37 PM
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fyi, i just got sending it also to our CITY MAYOR asking they print off the lyme/drs. flyers for ALL of their city employees.

]here's what i sent her PLUS IN A SEPARATE NOTE I ASKED FOR A LYME "PROCLAMATION"; you could combine as ONE; lyme fog...wasn't thinking earlier!! lol

ann, your employees can be bitten by ticks & mosquitos on the job during ALL 12 months of the year;

•others can be bitten off work and spring time is the worst since they are looking for a HUMAN host to feed on:


•mowing their lawns,

•hiking anywhere,

•walking under trees, and

•can be bitten inside their homes:

•ticks on their pets: dogs/cats

•from CUT CHRISTMAS TREES like i was!

ann, thank you for your consideration as the "head" of your city employees in honor of LYME awareness month. hugs

i've also forwarded to folks i have contact with regularly:

my daily folks, my complete LYME LIST GROUP, fm group, classmates, and shortly will send to my CHRISTMAS EMAIL LIST!

bettyg, iowa activist/leader

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04/18/2012 02:19 AM
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time to ORDER FREE BROCHURES; here's a source from many different orgs/places: literature

what are you planning in YOUR state?


bettyg, iowa activist

04/24/2012 04:47 PM
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04/24/2012 05:26 PM
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Thank you Betty! Kissing

05/07/2012 09:48 AM
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~~ Oops! Those links aren't working. This one'll get you there ...

``` Mitchell ```


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