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  "Late stage Lyme disease " (ariannah)

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sarahtroy"There's a special place in my heart for MDJ's Bipolars dealing with Alcoholism support group. As an alcoholic in recovery, it is my safe harbor. I draw strength and hope from our Bipolar alcoholics and addicts who bravely share their experiences and courageously face our common demons. This is a special, close and safe group to explore any alcohol or drug issues. I have made many dear friends and been sustained by the love and acceptance so freely offered." (sarahtroy)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with lyme disease, together.
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    Tics, Tourette Syndrome, and OCD 0Bettyg
07/08/2011 03:10 AM
by Bettyg
    VACCINE HESITANT PARENTS; kids infectious disease 6Bettyg
07/07/2011 07:47 PM
by missy33
    Putting Down the Salt Shaker May NOT Help Heart 1Bettyg
07/07/2011 08:30 AM
by RavenLunatic
    Job Most Common Source of LEAD Exposure 0Bettyg
07/07/2011 02:52 AM
by Bettyg
    Anticholinergics Linked to Mental Decline in Srs. 0Bettyg
07/06/2011 02:25 AM
by Bettyg
    Bartonella or blo's and oxygen therapy!???? 1medicalenigma
07/05/2011 01:28 AM
by Bettyg
    RECALL Acetaminophen Product Qualitest/ENDO Comp 0Bettyg
07/04/2011 10:25 PM
by Bettyg
    E-Prescribing Far from Error-Free 0Bettyg
07/04/2011 04:13 PM
by Bettyg
    POWASSAN VIRUS, MINN. UPDATE 7-3-2011 0Bettyg
07/04/2011 12:36 PM
by Bettyg
  means this topic is locked; no new posts possible. Advice on the LLMD's in and around NC 1exdancer
07/04/2011 12:20 AM
by Bettyg
    MSM - great healing support from GIGI, guru 0Bettyg
07/03/2011 04:28 AM
by Bettyg
    Leptin Levels 7Kari888
07/01/2011 02:13 PM
by Bettyg
    ongoing SYMPTOMS CHARTS for mental/lyme 5Bettyg
07/01/2011 01:00 AM
by Bettyg
    Primary Care Drs to Get Calls from 'Mystery Shoppe 0Bettyg
06/29/2011 04:11 PM
by Bettyg
    medicare now 67; drs. protected 3 yrs., 0Bettyg
06/29/2011 04:07 PM
by Bettyg
    2011 treatments? 6kudzuslipper
06/27/2011 07:59 PM
by goobered
    Resident DRS Work-Hour Rule Falls Short, Group 0Bettyg
06/26/2011 02:23 AM
by Bettyg
    Diets Sabotaged in the Brain 0Bettyg
06/26/2011 01:54 AM
by Bettyg
    Supreme Court Strikes DOWN Ban on Data-Mining 0Bettyg
06/25/2011 05:19 AM
by Bettyg
    Medicare Pushes More Use of PREVENTION FREEBIES 0Bettyg
06/25/2011 04:56 AM
by Bettyg
    E COLI, Klebsiella pneumoniae, MORGANELLA 1Bettyg
06/24/2011 02:59 AM
by Bettyg
    DRUG RECALL, RISPERIDONE, antipsychotic drug; odor 0Bettyg
06/24/2011 02:12 AM
by Bettyg
    Once Again Fewer Doctors Choose AMA, 12,000 less! 0Bettyg
06/24/2011 01:43 AM
by Bettyg
    I'm Back :) 2smoxito
06/24/2011 12:40 AM
by Bettyg
    MRI of the Musculoskeletal System 0Bettyg
06/22/2011 11:52 PM
by Bettyg
    3D-Echo Can Identify MI Scars 1Bettyg
06/22/2011 02:12 AM
by Bettyg
    GERD, Gastroesophageal reflux disease 2Bettyg
06/21/2011 02:16 AM
by Bettyg
    ALLERGY ALERT undeclared FISH for women 50+ 0Bettyg
06/21/2011 01:53 AM
by Bettyg
    Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants 1Bettyg
06/16/2011 03:36 PM
by Bettyg
    Serrapepatese.............Please help 3smileanyway
06/15/2011 05:38 PM
by neska
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