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05/04/2012 09:58 AM

coffee enema / lyme/ bad experience / parasites

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Hi guys,

Just wondering about coffee enemas. Do they make any of you sicker at all?

I had been doing really really well with Buhner herbs, lymphatic drainage, salt/C, probiotics and other herbs.

I had dramatic relief of symptoms for about 2 weeks recently, the very best I've felt in 5 years. Amazing energy and my head was so so clear. No dizzy spells, confusion, balance problems or visual disturbances! I felt great.

And then I did a coffee enema for the first time 2 days ago! I feel so bad again with all neuro problems back. And sore knees, neck etc. my fingers are even beginning to seize up again.

Do any of you react to coffee enemas this way? I kept the coffee low, about 1 teaspoon to a quart - maybe that was too much?

But I did get a lot of "tomato skins" out about two hours after it. Along with plenty of black seeds/stones. I understand that these are considered to be parasitic?

I had a terrible year last year, and things got much much worse after I did some of the Hulda Clark liver flushes. I got a few stones out, but to my surprise I also passed quite a few parasite/fungus things. seen here -

After those flushes I got incredibly sick, lost a tonne of weight and had seizure type problems for months, sickest I've been.

So I know that these things are inside me and I need to get them out and clean up my liver etc.

I'm now reluctant to attempt more enemas or liver flushes because I'm worried that I will full on relapse again by doing them.

Have any of you had this problem before?

I was hoping to start college again this September. But if I go downhill again I'll lose the chance for another year again. But if I don't address the situation, I probably won't get to remission, right?

Many thanks


05/04/2012 10:03 AM
wanthealth12Posts: 309

I just got done talking about doing this....I hear alot of good about it.

maybe it just means to much toxins came out and went right into the blood.

probably need something thats gonna pull the toxins out more

05/04/2012 10:17 AM
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Yes I would like to hear your experiences too.

I have been wanting to do this.

I have no clue how to do a coffee enema. Maybe someone can pm me?

I hate to sound completely stupid, but I have never had an enema, and wouldn't know what to do.

05/04/2012 08:39 PM
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I have been highly considering these as well. A few things I do know:

1. If you do pull too much, too fast, you will be SICK. Those toxins rushing around in your body are not good. They're not good if they stay, either, but they are actually "better" if they stay put, if you don't have the proper channels set up to usher them O-U-T.

Which leads me to my second point.

2. You need to detox your body, systematically, before you do these sorts of things, or even before beginning a Lyme + Co. protocol. (If you've already started a protocol, no worries. Just ask your doc about a natural, safe, gentle cleanse. Here is a snippet from my welcome letter:

Herxing: I want people to understand something very important that I learned at a naturopathic doctor's Lyme Conference in March 2012. Herxing happens because our detoxing pathways are not functioning properly.

Herxing actually isn't the goal here, as we once thought it was. Yes, you can gauge how successful things are SOMETIMES by herxing, but not always.

Before anyone jumps into a Lyme complex treatment, they should really do a good detox regimen first, to clear the pathways for the toxins that WILL build in our systems. At least incorporate something into your regimen if you've already started treatment.

1st, detox/cleanse is the colon/gut. A good gentle organic cleanse will help tremendously. Also this is the time to think parasites. A product like Paragone, or Wormwood & Black Walnut will work well.

2nd, move to the organs: liver, kidneys, etc. Milk Thistle is a MUST for the liver, & Dandelion follows so close behind that I take them in the same product. These detox the liver that is probably quite taxed trying to keep up with all of the toxins & meds we are on.

3rd is the cellular level detox. Taking easy steps like juicing (with your clean diet, not a juice fast), drinking water with fresh lemon juice daily, and taking chlorella or chlorophyll will help move the toxins out through the (freshly cleared) bowels.

After you have a cleared pathway, your Lyme treatment will go faster & smoother, typically.

So think about that aspect as well.  It will only help you in the long run.

The most important thing I can say is to discuss things with your LLMD/LLND. If you don't have one/are too far away, you can do phone consults with docs or through ForrestHealth, where the Byron White formulas are available for purchase. They charge a nominal fee to do a phone consult before you purchase the formulas so they are being used correctly.

Then, lastly...

3. When you do these flushes, etc., please understand that when the toxins get to the intestines, they largely can be reabsorbed through the intestines. You NEED a good binding agent, such as chlorella (broken cell wall) or chlorophyll. I know there are other ones as well, but these are the two most popular in my state.

I hope that was informative, and that you will certainly give the coffee enemas a try again, but just not before detoxing a bit more, and then maybe starting with a smaller amount. Smile

All the best,


06/24/2013 01:22 AM
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I have not had that problem but I always have a green drink a long with the enema similar to the Gearson Therapy Method.

06/24/2013 01:26 AM
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What a great post. Thanks for all the tips!

06/24/2013 04:06 AM
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Agreed - that post was very valuable. I have been reading about Lyme for a long time - but I previously did not really understand a few of those steps. THANK YOU. Smile

06/24/2013 04:08 AM
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I want to ask you more about number 1: "a good gentle organic cleanse."

What would that be? I have read so much - and it all runs together. Would you mind giving a couple of examples?

06/25/2013 10:58 AM
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That was a great post.

Just wanted to add that when I do a coffee enema without a very strong binder on board I get very sick. My favorites are chlorella/fish oil and modifilin, but if Im really going into a detox then cholestyramine is a must.


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