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09/13/2011 08:36 PM

Herx Pain - Meds??

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Hi everyone!

I have been doing as much detoxing as I can. Dry skin brushing, taking burbur and parsley, drinking nettle tea, baths, etc. But the pain is still excruciating when I herx. I've taken OTC painkillers like Aleve but they do nothing. I've also tried herbal anxiety remedies and no relief!

Do any of you take pain medication when you herx? Or an anti-anxiety medication?


09/14/2011 02:11 AM
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big hugs to you; i feel your pain; up for day crew help.

bettyg, group leader

09/14/2011 03:40 AM
shorelinelymePosts: 1252
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I'm sorry that you're going through so much pain with this. I would honestly call your LLMD and let him/her know what you're going through.

I'm not sure how long you've been treating this or what dosages of abx you are on- but sometimes they will build the dosages up more slowly so that the herx is more tolerable. Having said this, many people have gotten a lot of relief by xanax...I personally have found advil (600 mg) to be MUCH more effective than aleve.

Naturals that can help are ginger (which has scientific studies showing its effective use as an anti-inflammatory) and curcumin.

OTC robitussin soft gels contain dextromethorphan- which helps pain relief by blocking the pain signals that are sent to the brain. They are using this in trials for fibromyalgia patients now. (Can buy this at any pharmacy/grocery store or Walmart.)

Hope this helps and that you get some relief soon.



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