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12/22/2007 05:11 AM

relief with epson salt and foot bath

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Yesterday I got a massaging foot bath and a bag of Epson salt from a friend. I soaked my sore feet there for about 20 min. and after I was done I felt so much better. The pain had decreased and it is always pretty bad in the evening noting has really helped before. Anyone out there who knows what Epson salt does, any detox effects?



12/22/2007 09:49 AM

I do Epson Salt baths twice a day and yes it dose detox the body. Only problem in the winter it can dry out the skin a little. I put water in the tub 98 degrees and 3 cups of espon salt, put my IPOD on and lay in the tub with a good book for 1/2 hour or more...


12/26/2007 05:20 PM

Hello, I also do a detox bath with epson salt and hydrogen peroxide. I think these baths help by causing your body to rid itself of toxins. I normally dry bush my skin before taking a bath. The dry bush opens your pores to help release the toxins. I've had different types of reactions from taking these baths. One reaction was sweating. Sweating does indeed help your body rid itself of toxins. I do indeed feel better after a detox bath.

05/14/2008 08:42 PM
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I feel like I link this site a lot anymore but it really is useful.

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05/15/2008 08:27 AM
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Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate and

the magnesium and sulfate in the salts are absorbed into the body through the skin.

Sulfate is thought to circulate in the body up to about nine hours. Any Epsom salts left on the skin may continue to be absorbed as long as it is still on the skin, offering continuous ‘timed-released' input into the bloodstream –

sorta like medications given through skin patches.

Yes I have used Epson salt baths for a long time. Alot of ppl like to use

this as a great homeopathic treatment.

Great for muscles and soreness and any aches /pains.

I put a little lavender in mine too that helps de-stress the body and great

for relaxation too.

05/19/2008 09:03 PM

mag sulfate isnt absorbed and sweat contains water and some salts--no toxins have ever been found!!

as for epsom salt baths theyre good for relaxing muscles which may move toxins and lymph as well as easy aches and pains.

the basic Lyme 'detox' baths have been around for years and years- the recipe is basically 1- 1.5 lbs of epsom salts in a full very warm bath ( IF you have any sx of dysautonomias or feel faint with heat dont make too hot--you cannot get your core temp up high enough to kill spirochetes as rumored and youll only faint or get very ill anyway)

then after about 5-10 minutes you add 8-16 oz of hydrogen peroxide and stay another 15-20 minutes

its a bit false to say anything much can be absorbed into the body--its relaxing and it may coax muscles to start moving toxins but before and after tests show that magnesium levels arent really raised afterwards.

and when taken internally mag sulfate ( epsom salts) acts like a weak calcium channel blocker and may affect heart rate so if it were absorbed at any sort of significant amount it would be far more dangerous.

theyve even studied boric acid and borax and found that little/tiny amounts are absorbed thru skin!!

the mamallian skin system is good at what it was designed to do--keep inside stuff in and outside stuff out!!

enjoy but dont expect "detox".

06/06/2008 07:07 AM
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Can bathing in too much Epsom Salt for too long cause, um, the trots?

07/06/2008 10:35 AM
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I think you can only get the 'trots' if you ingest the epsom but I might be wrong. I know people use it for constipation.. eew. Smile

I love Epsom baths! I used to take them all the time. Great for sore muscles!!!

Look into Floatation Tanks online - you can see the benefits of floating. I used to float every week - it was the best thing in the world!

07/06/2008 11:36 AM
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I agree about having to ingest it to get the trots. I know of people taking it orally for a laxative but I really don't think you can absorb enough through your skin to get the same effect.

07/24/2008 01:51 AM
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An additional benefit to taking epson baths is that it cleans the tub.

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