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11/23/2010 07:55 PM

Alka Seltzer Gold?

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Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is hanging in there tonight, doing as well as "can be expected."

When I visited my doctor yesterday, and she was giving some guidelines on how to prepare my body, for the next two months, for treatment, she mentioned Alka Seltzer Gold after I asked her about fresh lemons and limes in water.

Well, this was a new one on me!

As she was walking out of the room, I looked at the paper, and it said nothing next to it, so I asked, "How often should I take the Alka Seltzer Gold?"

Much to my surprise she said "About two times per day." (!)

I would have thought once or twice per week, so I am really glad I asked.

I did not find much about this in my research, but I think someone else said they take it four times per day.

Is this something that you all have heard of?

Is this helpful?

If so, in what way?

Thank you for being here with your support and expertise. Smile

I definitely learn something new every single day. Smile


11/24/2010 12:30 PM
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Anyone hear of this?


11/24/2010 01:12 PM
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I think I have heard of this as a detox method. Someone else on the board uses it too. Thanks for posting this, it just reminded me of getting some myself. I am really trying to detox as much as possible.

11/24/2010 06:02 PM
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Nope never heard..but would like to hear more???? Made me go back to the day when...

Plop plop...fiz fiz ohh what a releif it is!

Any one remember that commercial?

I must be getting way

back to seriousness...what the heck is this!?


11/25/2010 12:52 AM
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Alka Seltzer Gold 68904?


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posted 07-11-2008 03:12 PM

Recently I was asked by my Lyme Dr. to add Alka-Seltzer Gold to my medication routine. 3 times a day.

I think this was because I was having a hard time after weeks of Bicillin.

He also upped my Quercetin to 1,500 mg a day.

Does the Alka-Seltzer Gold help remove toxins?

Or is it because it creates an Alkaline enviroment?

Or is it for the Potassium and Sodium citrate?



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posted 07-11-2008 05:56 PM

When I was new to Lyme someone had suggested the Alka Seltzer Gold to Alaklize the body to ease a herx. Three times a day seems like a lot - I only used it in emergencies.

Anyone else use Alka Seltzer Gold?



posted 07-11-2008 07:47 PM

My Doc stressed to not use regular Alka-Seltzer.

We got Alka-Seltzer Gold online on Amazon.

We'll see how it works.

Saw a post on another Lyme board where someone said, after 1 week of Alka-Seltzer Gold they could walk without their cane. Brian Rosner mentioned it in his book, too.

Anyways, I get very dizzy in the afternoon.

Ordered some Venex Bee Venom ointment. Will try it on my knees first. Will



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posted 11-15-2010 05:45 PM

....bumping up this old post regarding Alka Seltzer Gold helping with herx.

I heard about this at a lyme support group a couple of years ago. Members said it even helped them for multiple chemical sensitivity after recent exposures.

A week ago at LLMD appt my doctor said write this down, it is a recipe for herx help given to her by DrH in NY:

-2 alka seltzer gold tablets in water

-add lemon/lime juice

-add Liposomal Glutathione 1500mg 4 tsp) (pricey at around $60-$65 online)

I have read controversy about general effectiveness of Lipsomal Glutathione, typically used in CFS or toxicity patients.

However, one doctor told me she didn't think it was nearly as effective as IV because taken orally stomach acids substantially alter effectiveness in her opinion.

However DrH NY is top notch LLMD. Maybe some of his patients can comment on whether this herx concoction has helped them. And more specifics about the formula, like how much water and how much lemon/lime (just to taste?)

The folks at the lyme group said alka seltzer gold can be difficult to find, but that was 2 years ago.

I googled online and found it curently available at but also found it available much cheaper at CVS for half the cost of Amazon.




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posted 11-15-2010 09:47 PM

Sometimes if you ask the pharmacist, they can order the gold for you. They just don't keep it in stock.

My husband ordered 6 boxes from Rite-Aid. There was no charge for ordering.

My son takes it now with 1/2 a squeezed lemon and 6 glutothione tablets.

According to notes from the recent ILADS conference, patients can report feeling better within 45 minutes.

I'm not sure of that yet as I'd dealing with a 15 year old and can't always get answers out of him. He can get grumpy from being sick so long.



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posted 11-16-2010 01:10 AM

I just found Ivory Caps... 1500 mg of Glutathione, plus Alpha Lipoic Acid and Silymarin. They are made for skin lightening, but sound like mostly Glutathione?

Getting them directly from their site is expensive but they have a ton of information there.

I found them on ebay for much less than the company website. Must be distributors get a deal and then pass on the savings via ebay auctions.

Would love to hear if anyone tried this brand as it seems to be cheaper and more mg than the brands I find on vitacost.

We have an appt with LLMD Thursday. I am going to check on adding it to the IV, but if that's not possible I want the pill to help with herxes. ~Heather



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posted 11-16-2010 02:57 PM

Alka-Selzer gold has always been difficult to find but you can easily order it on line. The reason it is recommended over the other types is because it contains the highest amount of vitamin C.

It is usually used to control the symptoms of a herx and help keep the body alkaline. It is also very effective for headaches, especially migraines.

One word of caution is that it has bicarbonate in it. It you rely on it on a regular basis it will destroy your stomach acid, as that is essentially what it is, an antacid.

"Active Ingredients: Each tablet contains:: Sodium Bicarbonate (958 mg (Heat Treated)), Citric Acid (832mg), Potassium Bicarbonate (312 mg)

Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Mannitol"

Fresh lemon juice in water or powdered vitamin C in water may be better, if you need to use it frequently. Lemons are alkalizing, too.



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posted 11-22-2010 11:18 PM

I got this from a file I keep notes in. I remember it was said at the last ILADS conference and I think I got it from the ilads website.

# For Herxheimer reactions:

2 Alka-Selzer Gold (no aluminum)

in 8 ounces of water with lemon or lime

followed by 6-8 capsules of glutathione or 1500 mg or oral liposomal glutathione.

70% will fell better in hours

# On the topic of water:

Dilution is the solution to pollution. This suggests that in order to help our bodies detoxify, we must drink more water"

We ordered the Alka Selzer Gold from Amazon and the Glutathione... haven't ordered it yet. Still waiting on the ok from LLMD... possibly going IV or nebulized glut if she approves.

I think the # one thing is hydration!!! 101100#000005

11/25/2010 03:42 PM
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Bettyg, thanks, just learned a whole lot. sounds like I was on the same track with the ACV(apple cider viniger).

I would use it at night when the symptoms where really annoyin'...

Within an hour my symptoms where much better,,all it was was little ACV,water,touch of honey...heated..

Have said in the past...lot's to be said with the Alkaline vs. acidic...balancin' the body..


11/25/2010 09:40 PM
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Thank you for all the info! Wonderful!

I know my doctor is using this to help prepare my body for the next phase of treatment, and she thought of this after I brought up the fresh lemon in water, so it might be similar to this.

I am going to order some soon.

And, YES, LOL! I remember that commercial. I remember how my dad loved that commercial.

Too funny! Smile

01/10/2011 09:35 AM
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My husband was just told to use the alka gold and glutathione. His dr said the alka gold helps to level your ph. Sorry if someone already mentioned this. I think I have "sympathy brain fog" =)

01/10/2011 01:24 PM
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I also was told by my doctor to use the alka seltzer gold.

I have only found it on Amazon. Walgreen didn't even have it on a list to order for me.

When I listed a thread about it, I believe it is the same idea as drinking the lemon and lyme water.

I think there are many explanations for it in this link?

And no worries about the "sympathy brain fog," lol!

Post edited by: hopesalive, at: 01/10/2011 01:43 PM

01/10/2011 06:12 PM
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Oh I remember that commercial....

I found my self singing it as I read your post LOL


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