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08/01/2010 02:41 PM


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FDA Warns of Cure-All Product Based on Bleach

By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage Today

Published: July 30, 2010

The FDA has warned consumers not to use a product called Miracle Mineral Solution -- which makes broad health claims -- because it's actually an industrial strength bleach.

"Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away," the agency urged.

The FDA has received several reports of people who have suffered severe nausea, vomiting, and life-threatening hypotension after drinking a mixture containing the product.

Sometimes labeled as Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS is 28% sodium chlorite.

Its instructions call for consumers to mix it with citrus juice or another acidic substance.

An enormous variety of health claims are made for the product, including treatment of HIV, hepatitis, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, and cancer.

According to the FDA, the mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment.

At the doses consumers would ingest under these directions, this agent is known to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration, the FDA said.

MMS is distributed on Internet sites and online auctions by multiple independent distributors with varying labels, the agency said.

The FDA has threatened civil or criminal enforcement actions against businesses and individuals selling MMS.

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betty note: i've read of many people using MMS especially the other board i used to be on.

PLEASE HEED THEIR WARNINGS!! bettyg, iowa activist

i want to keep my online friends around to visit with and help as needed. hugs/kisses betty Kissing


02/25/2011 03:58 PM
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I am not a fan of MMS, but that may be because I don't understand it..The other treatments mentioned, seem more on-board to me.

I am not sayin' this is a cure all way..but it talks about things mentioned here alot, like "Silver" and



ps. Betty asked me if I could move my recent post to here...I am tryin' to remember to select the right place to put my post...

You alright! Betty, hope I cut and pasted correctly and got it in the right place.. someday I'll become a pro at this...Grin yeah..well workin' on it..Cool

02/25/2011 04:33 PM
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I tried to use it a couple of times and got to only 2 drops and it made me so ill. I had severe stomach pain from it that lasted hours.

I would never use it again.

02/25/2011 04:40 PM

Hey all-

I'm so glad this issue is being addressed..I am petrified of the thought of swallowing bleach, no matter the amount. Shocked

My llmd said he used it, and I might be a good candidate back in the fall..

It came up when my sister in California researched it for herself for other issues...

Not me, no thank you!

Closed minded or not, I almost drowned once in a pool, not going to ingest the stuff again!

peace allWink

04/09/2011 07:37 AM
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I have to see the FDA is why we are all sick to begin with. They give us drugs so they

make money and profit. The reason they don't want us to take it is because it could

hurt their wallets. This I take small amounts and I know it is working and helping

my husband and I. It is much safer than the warning labels on the FDA approved drugs

everyone takes. The FDA and CDC don't care about us they want us sick so they can make

money. This is why Dr's will lose their licenses for treating Lyme that isn't by

CDC standards which is so rare. This is why we have been sick for 4 years. I hate the

FDA and two of my kids have genetic high cholestial and there was a natural supplement

that was safe that lowered it by 100 points each child and the lovely FDA pulled it off

the market with no explanation it was all natural plant stantols which some has come

back but hard to get the kind we had. They pulled it off because it works better than

stain drugs and they were losing money. Trusting FDA is trusting Western Medicine that

has failed everyone I know that has been sick. I feel use wih caution listen to your

body and take it slow. Using one drop or two drops cant be compared to industrial use.

when you are sick and lose all quality of life you will do anything

04/09/2011 08:27 AM
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years ago i worked as a dental assistant. i was asked to get this unlabeled white bottle for this patient.

after the patient left, i asked what it was and found out to the was plain old bleach and i was advised not to say anything or try this at home. bleach? laundry bleach?

so dentists were/are using it.

personally i am not a fan of bleach.

04/09/2011 09:40 AM
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Years ago when my sons were younger they wrestled all year long and were always getting ringworm,

A lot of people in the wrestling community told me to use bleach diluted with water and apply it directly on the ringworm and it worked great, but this was topically not ingested

I used bleach to clean up black mold and many other things , It kills everything, it is very powerful

Years ago i said to my wife i wish there was a way to take bleach because it seems like it could kill any germ bacteria ect never really thinking it could be possible to really do this

Even when i told the kids dermatoligist that i used bleach on the ringworm she flipped out on me and said why dont you just set your kids on fire that will get rid of it to

I can not imagine drinking bleach, Do they change the chemistry of the bleach or alter it in anyway for human consumption,

I am not a big fan of the Fda , but i would have to do extensive research and have a lot of people tell me that bleach is safe to drink,

I know a lot of hospitals use it to clean the floors and rooms, It can kill any strain of bacteria and germs ,even strains and super bugs like mrsa, It wipes mold out , It really is a powerful chemical

I can imagine it is very toxic to the body,


04/11/2011 01:25 PM
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It isn't bleach it is a mineral I would not drink bleach.

04/11/2011 01:28 PM
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read about the differences. I have never felt better since using it

05/12/2011 02:24 PM
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In regard to the MMS, I am a little afraid, even though I FEEL it is probably safe enough to ingest....

BUT I think the key here is, proper dosage/measuring precisely, and that's what scares me....and I don't know why, plus the thought of maybe vomitting and just getting ill from drinking it in general.

I MAY send it back....haven't made a final decision yet.

I really WANT to try it!!!!!



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