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06/23/2013 02:22 AM

CPN (Chlamydia Pneumonia)-Buhner Conference 6/15/13

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CPN (Chlamydia Pneumonia) -- Buhner Conference 6/15/13 ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=124819;p=0

seibertneurolyme posted 06-19-2013 04:16 PM

This is one infection that Steve did not have but many tickborne patients may have.

Technically it is not a coinfection as it is not spread by a tick.

First I will list Buhner's treatment protocol and then give a link to a blog discussing this infection in relation to lyme.

Buhner's treatment for CPN (chlamydia pneumonia) involves combining the 4 items listed below.

1) Herbal tincture -- equal parts Alchornea and Sida Acuta -- dose -- 1/4 teaspoon 3 times daily -- available from Woodland Essence

2) Bidens pilosa tincture (or any bidens species) -- 1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily

3) Licorice tincture -- dose -- 30 drops (1 dropper) 3 times daily

4) Pleurisy root tincture -- dose -- 30 drops (1 dropper) 3 times daily

Note that many of these herbs are the same ones used in other tickborne protocols. Actually Steve took all of these at various times over the years.

The licorice can raise blood pressure in some people but it is a very good stomach healing herb.

If coinfected with Herpes viruses -- add isatis and lemon balm to the mixture. The lemon balm is also a very good sleep herb and Steve used it for that.

Buhner states that all herbs can be combined and taken together -- that is what Steve always did. I know that the Cowden protocol does not allow combining herbs but pretty sure that any other herbalist consulted would say that everything can be combined.

I also have a note about a homeopathic called THESA -- 30 c -- not sure from my notes if this is for CPN or Herpes??? Need to listen to my recording and clarify that.

And as noted before Buhner suggests taking all herbs with pomegranate juice or piperine (a black pepper extract) -- these both have synergistic effects -- make the herbs work better. Steve used the piperine for years. He ordered the NOW brand from VitaCost and took one capsule 2 times daily with meals when he took his herbs. pneumonia-cpn-and-what.html

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