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02/19/2012 03:59 AM

Lyme now affecting PANCREAS of 11-year-old

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Lyme disease now affecting pancreas of 11-year-old Canadian girl, lost 78 lbs. in ONE WEEK!!

Published on February 1, 2012

Topics : Ward 1 Rec Centre , United States , Ontario , New Glasgow


A young county girl who is battling Lyme disease seems to be getting worse, says her mother.

Chelsey Livingstone-Rector, 11, was diagnosed with Lyme disease last spring, but it's believed she's had the disease since being bitten by a tick in Ontario when she was just two years old.

Her mother, Angela Rector, says Chelsey has been doing poorly over the past few weeks, and now it seems the disease has spread to her pancreas, causing alarming blood sugar levels.

“She hasn't been feeling too hot in the last three weeks, she's missed a lot of school,” Rector said.

“The doctors are saying it's attacking her pancreas now and she's losing a lot of weight because she's having a very hard time eating. We've had to put her on Ensure drinks because it hurts when she eats.”

In the last week alone, she's dropped to just 78 pounds.

“It's a sin, you don't know what to do for her, and the doctors tell me that all I can do is what I'm doing right now until we get in to see the specialist,” she said.

The community is already starting to come together to support Chelsey and help the family raise funds to travel to the United States to see a pediatric Lyme disease specialist.

Although Chelsey has insurance, her mother has learned it will not cover travel costs or any necessary hospitalization there.

The family is hoping to receive word shortly on when she can go to the U.S.

“We're still waiting on word and we're hoping we'll hear within the next week,” Rector said.

The doctor has said he's going to see Chelsey, he's going through her charts now so he'll have a plan in place beforehand so when we go it won't cost as much when we get down there.”

Elaine Murphy, a friend of the family, is helping to organize two fundraisers to help the Rectors with the costs. She's hoping the community will come out and show their support.

“This is something for a little girl, it's a good cause,” Murphy said. “Anyone who wants to donate something or volunteer a little time, it helps a lot to try and get her there for the treatment she needs.”

The first will be a prize bingo held at Ward 1 Rec Centre in New Glasgow on Feb. 18, noon-4 p.m. Prizes are still needed, Murphy said.

The second fundraiser will be held a week later on Feb. 25 at the New Glasgow Legion. During the afternoon, 2-5 p.m., there will be activities for children, like face painting and treats.

“Where Chelsey is only 11, she can't go to a benefit dance or anything, so this is something she can attend and the kids can come and hang out with her,” added Rector.

Then, in the evening, the legion will be the site of a benefit dance and silent auction, with doors opening at 7 p.m.

Volunteers are still needed for the children's afternoon, said Murphy, and auction items are being accepted as well.

For more information, visit the facebook group – Help Chelsey Livingstone-Rector Get to USA for treatment.

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Darla Brown - February 6, 2012 at 10:30:45

If you are going to see Dr. Jones then that's wonderful! If not, I'm sure if it's a pediatric LLMD then you'll be in good hands.

Yes, it's expensive but most of the time not as expensive as the first post. I paid $700 for my first visit and $250 for each other visit which is only 3 times/year.

Then I pay for Rx and supplements.

My lab tests are covered by insurance (most of them).

Anyway, you are doing the right thing and there is a huge lyme community for support online. Hang in there and know we're thinking of you and I'm saying a prayer for your daughter. Be well...

Jack renoud - February 6, 2012 at 08:29:17

You had also better be prepared for the doctor costs. None of the doctors ( and I'm not bashing them at all) take insurance.

You have to pay , upfront, and the initial visits to them can run at least $1200.00 possibly more, including the blood testing.

Followup treatments run anywhere from $350 - $600 each and it can take many followup treatments.

It's too bad that these doctors, who are dedicated to the cause, have taken the stance not to accept insurance.

Not being able to work this out with the insurance companies has stopped thousands from getting treatment and apparently they would rather proceed down this path.It hurts the sick kids .

I think the anti chronic Lyme medical community knows this and works hand in hand with the insurance companies.

Why do we feel like 'prey' here.

Kelly - February 2, 2012 at 10:03:01

Chelsey, keep your chin up girl! You're one tough cookie and I'm sure you'll be unstoppable once you finally get to the specialist. Smile

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02/19/2012 11:04 AM
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Blessings all-

These people should really stop feeding this little girl's filled with sugar and will throw her blood sugar levels off even more.

Hopefully they will find a holistic/Integrative doctor that will treat her properly and diagnose her with Candida..this was the cause of my pancreatitis recently.

Here's a few links that will help others to understand... candida_yeast_protection_program1.htm contribute-pancreatitis.html


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03/04/2012 10:00 PM
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I agree no sugar and no milk this ensure stuff makes me ill.

Maybe Welchol would help her headaches. My daughter now has no more headaches.

My daughter has Lyme and we are doing the Shoemaker protocol through her LLMD for mold which is working. She takes Welchol.

I tested her for Lyme because she had daily headaches for 8+ months and CT scan, MRI, regular allergy tests were all negative.

After 4-5 months of antibiotics and anti candida ( no sugar, no wheat, no white rice, no potatoes, no soy, etc) diet she still had daily headaches. She would go to bed with one and wake up with a headache plus more.

Turmeric helped with the severe stomach upset the antibiotics gave her. Her doctor said the Tumeric helped with inflammation.

So since her headaches were not gone, the doctor said to test the house and school for mold, and then took my daughter off antibiotics with herbs, and instead put her on herbs and vitamins with Cholestyramine / Welchol.

For the last 8 weeks she has taken:

A- Bab (Byron White formulas) currently 3-5 drops we are working up to max 6 drops twice a day

- A- Bart (Byron White formulas) currently 3-5 drops we are working up to max 6 drops twice a day

- IMN-V (beyond balance) currently 3-5 drops we are working up to max 10 drops twice a day.

(She was also supposed to be on AL Complex another Byron White Formula but I messed up my notes. )


Pro-DHA (1000mg Nordic naturals gel cap) twice a day take with food (my daughter sometimes only takes once)

Pro-EFA (1000mg Nordic naturals) twice a day take with food (my daughter sometimes only takes once)

Alpha Limpoic Acid 100mg 1 x per day (my daughter sometimes forgets)

Multi- vitamin 1x per day (my daughter usually forgets)

Milk thistle drops 1-2x per day (my daughter usually forgets)

Turmeric only when she gets an upset stomach.

My daughter's new moto is "Normal kids don't take pills, if I don't take my pills I will be normal".

As for Questran and Welchol she was supposed to be taking them a combined total of 3x per day.

However due to her non-complience, I never even purchased the Questran which while supposedly more effective needs to be taken on an empty stomach with no food for 3 hours previous, except for herbs 30 min before.

So we only used Welchol which you can take with food although like with Questran she must take her herbs 30 minutes before and then afterwards wait for 30-40 minutes before taking vitamins.

Often she takes her vitamins in her pocket to school and I find them when I do laundry.

Two hours after her dinner dose of Welchol, at bedtime, she sometimes takes her probiotic and colostrum.

The doctor perscribed 2 pills of Welchol at a time but my notes said one and my daughter ended up usually taking 1 Welchol tablet in the morning and sometimes one in the evening.

After 6 weeks of this regimen her headaches went away except for one class period in a room with water damage and then only when the door was closed and the heater on.

(Sounds like either a mold issue or something with the heating system)

On the weekends when she is home and when she consistently takes 2 Welchol a day she has no headaches at all. Yaaahhhhh!

This is wonderful after more than a year of daily headaches. She had taken everything previously though not consistently except for the Welchol, Pro-DHA, Pro-EFA and rare colostrum tablet.

Her LLMD also had HLA testing done (The HLA panel provides specific insights as to the patient's ability to remove biotoxins effectively from the body.) and the [b]test supposedly shows that she can not detox from Lyme or Mold.

So yes I think that the Welchol helps especially as there is a measurable difference whether she takes one or two.

She was supposed to be taking 6 per day for a month and then go back to the LLMD which I put off by a month. We will go soon.

I don't think her battle with Lyme is over and I am bracing for a possible battle with her school, however this is a great step forward and I am hoping that now she will listen to the doctor and take her pills.

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emphasized, bettyg, leader

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