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01/10/2012 01:59 PM

Here's an email I sent to Dr. Oz and RealAge site

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I did a search on the RealAge site for Lyme Disease and I didn't find much info at all.

This is an epidemic that needs serious attention from influential doctors who will have an open mind and do something about the antiquated guidelines and protocol!

Millions of people like me are suffering from this disease and we're becoming disabled, treated like we're crazy, and ignored by the government agencies who create the guidelines for treatment.

PLEASE, PLEASE, check into these sites for more info and DO SOMETHING: why-lyme-disease-is-underdiagnosed-by-miguel-perez-lizano- june-2010

PLEASE read the comments relating to Lyme Disease under the subject "What would you like to see from your society in the coming year?"


These are just a few of the sites you need to read and take very seriously.

Chronic Lyme Disease exists, it's not all in our heads, we're not crazy, entire families are infected because it's been carried on through pregnancy, sexual transmission, breastfeeding, etc.

The mdjunction site has a Lyme Disease group under their Infectious Diseases section and if you read some of the stories and posts by members of that group, maybe you'll do something about this crime that is being committed by our government agencies who continue to stand by their guidelines for treatment.

We, as a group of physically disabled people, of all ages, and all parts of the country and the world, are suffering needlessly.

I expect more from you, Dr. Oz. Prove to us that you really do care and you can't be bought by the pharmaceutical companies that would prefer to keep us drugged up rather than help us get better.

I could go on forever but I think I've gotten my point across. If you do nothing, I will have lost all respect for you.

We need your help!!!

FYI: I plan to post a copy of this email on the mdjunction Lyme Disease group site so everyone there will know that I've contacted you.

Thank you

used quote vs. entire post being bold; easier reading on eyes, bettyg, leader

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01/10/2012 03:00 PM
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i applaud you for your efforts. boy have we tried to get this done 3-5 times at least.

if you do a SEARCH upper right on OPRAH WINFREY, you'll come across much info of a huge ongoing effort we had with 300-400+ people comments on their illnesses.

there was a huge NYC meeting that took place most of day; a tv show was to be done and aired; last minute SCRAPED completely.

oz did a radio show about lyme. he interviewed director andy about his UNDER OUR SKIN LYME DOCUMENTARY.

he did a BRIEF, 8-10 MIN. SEGMENT ON HIS SHOW the 1st year he was on.

we've request he do a full 60 minute show on lyme/co-infections; 2 shows actually to do ilads vs. idsa, etc.

heard nothign.

1 yr. ago, look for the LETTER CAMPAIGN STARTED and sent to 50-70 entitities; all in activism.

THAT'S WHAT HAS BEEN DONE WITH NO SUCCESS ON ANYONE; they're all afraid of the idsa.

dianne, again, thank you for your efforts; we need NEW ACTIVISM BLOOD; so i hope you join efforts in your area/other existing activism going on!!

bettyg, iowa activist/leader

01/10/2012 03:57 PM
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betty, thanks for the edits & for the compliments!

01/12/2012 01:10 AM
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dianne, i came across this when posting/looking for something else. forums/general-support/275513-please-email-dr-oz#275513

go down to CANNUCK at bottom, then look at very bottom and 5-6 other conversations about oz are there; click each one to read what they did at that Wink

bettyg, iowa activist


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