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09/09/2011 04:38 AM

9-14-11, TOM GRIER on Coast to Coast 1-4 AM CST

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9-14-11, TOM GRIER on Coast to Coast AM;

Friday, September 9, 2011 2:57 AM

OM, i'm excited about this being on this 3 hr. NO commercial call-in radio show!!

we can send EMAILS prior for questions too!!

can't wait to post about it on mdj; thanks my friend for letting me know!

bettyg, iowa activist, lyme board group leader

llmd coordinator

From: Tom Grier <>

Subject: Coast to Coast AM

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011, 8:35 PM

Hello everyone,

On Wednesday night September 14th about 1 AM Central Standard Time.

I will be the only guest on Coast to Coast AM talk radio from 1-4 AM CST.

I have never heard the show but they contacted me a few days ago to speak about Lyme.

It is a call in show so I am hoping for good questions.

I told the producer I would speak on

the disease and persistent infection studies and in particular misdiagnosis,

the failure of serology testing,

vaccines and the

IDSA vs ILADS viewpoint on diagnosis and treatment,

but not specifics on diagnosis or treatment.

Here is a link.

Unless I get bumped for a breaking current-event this is the time and place.

Sept 14th after midnight at 1 AM, CST

(There local time in California is 11 PM)

Tom Grier


bettyg found this on the above web site; additional info Wink

Lyme Disease

Date: 09-14-11

Host: George Noory

Guests: Tom Grier

With a BS in Chemistry and Biology and an MS in Medical Microbiology (Immunology) from the University of Minnesota, Tom Grier worked in the pharmaceutical industry when he contracted Lyme disease.

He'll discuss his misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis and his subsequent scientific research on the microbiology of the disease.



you need to SIGN UP to listen to this online and NO COMMERCIALS!!

then it talks about billing payments; it's lost me, but i got this far gang:

when that site gets back to me, i'll update this about PAYMENT?|? bg


09/09/2011 01:36 PM
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Go betty go betty

U r so awesome. Can't wait going to sign up now. I am going with the usual blood supply thing

That always works for me since I was a donor before I got a positive Lyme.

Whoop whoop

Keep this one moving up so we all know

09/09/2011 01:41 PM
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Betty, I so resect Tom Grier, so I look forward to this.

For people who won't be able to stay up that late you can subscribe for one month for $6.95 and either listen later on computer or download to MP3 player.


got this in my home email today so far!

i know you can listen to COAST TO COAST ON YOUR HOME RADIOS; off/on, i'd find it when channel hopping in middle ofthe night! Wink

bettyg, iowa activist, group leader, llmd coordinator

09/13/2011 09:45 PM
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REMINDER FOLKS; looks like this is actually for US SEPT. 15, 1 AM CST


i can't wait to hear tom's voice; we've been emailing personally for 4yrs. now!!

but I'M NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES, will turn my radio on as i'm not paying $6.95 for 1 month to listen to ONE show.

bettyg, iowa activist/group leader/llmd coordinator.Cool

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09/14/2011 12:12 PM
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Thursday... wow I was all ready to take a powernap so I could listen in.

email if you here it on tonite. I checked last week it said tonite.

I wonder if they will anounce the change in date on the air tonite.

09/15/2011 12:44 AM
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glad you sent me a pm!! due to it, I'M ON NOW listening to regular radio; took me forever to find a station with coast to coast.

i can hear 1.5 hrs.

what phone no. did they give?

GOD BLESS YOU SLYMED for reminding me; been gone all afternoon and doing my medical entries so NOT reading regular board.


bettyg, iowa activist, llmd coordinator, group leader

09/15/2011 01:11 AM
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i started typing up important things he said, then went to look for callin no. and LOST IT ALL; dog gone it all.

from the time you notified me slyme, i found no. to call in; it was BUSY ENTIRE TIME FOR 1ST TIME CALLERS. after every caller, i truied again; no luck. tried to call on western line; told my area wasn't in that area!!.

90% of lyme patients get cognitive LYNME FOG.

announcer asked for stories from tom; he promptly told ofthis:

2 of tom's friends committed suicide; paranoid, forgetful, dimentia, no money or resources; fell for alot of scams including 1 in canada that only nasa had access too. took for $5,000 !!

scam, they gave a videotape of her blood, 20-30 organisms showed in her blood; NOT POSSIBLE tom said since this is his line of work.

given 21 days of pills, wouldn't give her any more orals.CONTINUED going downward.

ny dr. psychiatric ... treated 4 wks. orals; 6 mo. relapsed. patient died ... bacteria was in the brain IN 4 WEEKS!!

current recommendations are NOT ENOUGH tom stated after using above example.

caller comments

erliosia .. lives in white cell; sees on blood smears; use dna PCR tests to find it. it stays in blood and EASIER to treat, doxy & tetracycline cure it.

lyme will never test positive... NEVER DIES, GOES DORMANT. it's not in blood; tests don't work; antibodies will NOT SHOW UP. you're treated for 1, NOT TREATED FOR ANOTHER.

goes to brain, what happens? no one is an expert.

we know neuro toxic affect, dr ..... took rat's brain attach to neurons, swell up, diliate, and die.

judith w....., phily, she/tom worked 1 wk. together for autopsies.

judith took human and rate brain cultures ... looking for markers of alzheimers. tangles, ameloid, added MICRO WHEEL?? for AD test. demyleniation,

lesions appear look exactly like MS; ALMOST INDISTINGUISHABLE!!

1 woman has 48 lesions in her brain in tom's documentary; told it's MS; NO, IT'S LYME DISEASE!

marshall protocol was brought; tom said some have had success.

tom does have a DVD for sale; will be speaking twice this month with 1 being in madison, wisc.

TOM....below comments:

4 types of malaria you can get.

black water treatment ... YOU CAN DIE.

developing test to accurately for lyme disease $$;

nothing to show you're completely well!

definitive test...NONE OUT THERE.




lyme rages mentioned from n. mich. woman who gave a detailed acct. of her being diagnosed by cancer dr. since she was dx w/cancer; he tested for that too.


CALLER'S brain was on fire; recommended gavfentin??

wrap with HEATING PADS/ACCESSORIES to put on there. antibiotics get to sites better w/heat/wraparounds applied to that site.

EVA SAPI mentioned; i missed 1st 1.5 hrs.

MRI WAS NOT ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS; he said burrascano mentioned mri; tom talked about SPEC scan; too much room for INTERPRETATION

hypervascular flow increases in eyes, involuntary eye movement

treatment ... filtering blood with ultraviolent rays??

phorous taking filters out of blood,

taking cells out of blood

PEROXICIDE ... most not accepted in usa; germany does

"most don't do very well for lyme" for the above paragraph

caller discussed dr. muriah MCCAIN, HERBALHEALER.COM has done research in parasites, misunderstood, etc. walnut hulls, wormwood,

kidneys/liver ... very toxic; NY caller recommended her highly.

tom...artmesia used in china for maleria!!

alaska person put the gene in ECOLI for artemsia...ARTEMSIAN PURE 100%; did for good will; NOT PATENTS, etc.

tom stated ... we should call this BORRELIOSIS vs. LYME disease because the 1st name is ALL INCLUSIVE INVOLVING OTHER DISEASES TICKS CARRY!

we can't feel tick bites; tick numbs your skin.

i don't know if i got this right or not?? did anyone catch this for accuracy??

corrected my mispelling of donate! uffda 9-17


trying to raise $$ for grants to study for women on MS/SPIROCHETE RESEARCH.

slymed/others, if you have any notes or can remember important things, please add to what i have started here for feedback ok!! big thanks slymved or i would have missed that too since i had so much other lyme work i was doing since i missed being on this afternoon since i was stuffing political fundraising envelopes!!

i'm going to email tom my notes for correct spelligns of meds/drs. names i missed getting for him to answer as time permits.

GREAT JOB TOM; i've never heard your voice; you're very easy to listen too; good voice; another DJ one my friend. Laughing Cool

bettyg, iowa activist, group leader, llmd coordinator.

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09/15/2011 02:23 AM
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Hello, Great coast to coast show. Lyme was found in my blood over 25 years ago when I lived in Penn. But it was so difficult to get this addressed. I am being treated for rheumatoid arthritis now with infusions. The arthritis is is accepted the Lyme is not then or now taken seriously.

Thank you, Don

09/15/2011 03:39 AM
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welcome don Smile

did you hear it all? what went on for 1st 1.5 hrs? was it just tom talking about many things. please enlighten us all ok.

i just sent you a brief welcome; my longer one is stated in that too. thanks for joining us after coast to coast Wink

you'll enjoy it here.

you can read my story; it's in MY PROFILE, upper right hand corner.

42 yrs. chronic lyme

35yrs, misdiagnosed by 40-50 docs, unacceptable

bitten by tick off folks' CUT XMAS TREE!

will read here briefly; it's going on 6 am IOWA time; uffda.

bettyg, group leader, llmd coordinator, iowa activist

09/15/2011 06:16 AM
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Betty, I caught the first hour.

Tom talked about his struggle with lyme and even after he was almost in a nursing a home and finally given the diagmoses of lyme.

he still struggled for ten years to find health. Due to lack of LLMD's.

TOM : said his case was so bad everyone else he knew that had deteriorated as bad as him had died from lyme.


Tom. yes lyme is a deadly disease if not caught early.

then discussed removing ticks

CDC reported numbers on lyme.

I know I head more but can't remember just now.

just got one off to school and still have my youngest home with me.

I can't believe I fell asleep for the last part of the show.

I tried to call also did get some ringing a few times but mostly busy signals.

maybe we could get a transcript from coast to coast and post it online


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