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02/25/2012 01:57 AM

on bucket control; ice maker water everywhere!

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i've had my excitement duringthe last 30 mintues!

went out to make my airpop corn; ice for my water, and discovered the icemaker ice cubes were NOT coming apart.

saw some icecubes had NOT released fully; so knocked them off, and 1 little one in the corner.

next thing i knew i had a small niagara falls coming for next 25 minutes.

i got a pan up there right away; woke up sound asleep hubby, and went to basement trying to find shut off valve.

top one wouldn't move; later that was the one to shut off; neither of us could move it.

went back to pan control and then called plumber who was 5 minutes away; thank you god! he got water shut off and then isolated the refrigerator/icemaker and left in 20 minutes.

we've got water; they'll come replace valve on monday

then to call the appliance man.

so thankful to get back to QUIET, NONEVENTFUL time on here! uffda big time.

i'm worn out backing up all the freezer stuff putting it outside; will put it away tomorrow. 20-25 outside plus the recent snow.

bettyg, tuckered out


02/25/2012 03:20 PM
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Oh Betty!! What a calamity! Glad it's taken care of for the most part!!

02/25/2012 04:52 PM
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lauren, i emptied at least 10 CAKE PANS full of water and using my dishwater pan to empty it into as i was soaking kitchen carpeting trying to move fast with an almost full pan!

goign to hate to see plumbing bill for AFTER HRS. call.

i told hubby, if i had NOT been awake, hungry/thirsty; can you imagine opening up freezer/refrigerator doors and ALL THAT WATER POURING out covering everything and me? Laughing

I CAN LAUGH NOW; i was trying to remain calm handling everything.

hubby later told me i did everything correctly; he was proud of me!

just came in from trying to shovel sidewalk; so much ICE on it from rain FREZING to snow 1.5 days ago. put SALT on for 1st time this winter.

thanks lauren for stopping by and caring.

bettyg, iowa friendSilly

02/25/2012 04:58 PM
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wow...Ya did good!!!

02/26/2012 03:25 AM
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thanks janet;

just got done reading your antibiotic resistance article in lyme facts; i copied whole article there; interesting! thank YOU .



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