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01/05/2012 01:01 PM

A Lesson in Overcoming Anything

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Blessings all-

As most of you know, our dog Emma had to have her leg amputated three weeks ago. When we took her in for the staples to be removed, I had the pleasure of meeting the most fascinating woman in the waiting room who's dog's name was also Emma..kind of destined.

This woman was the most positive, glowing, and loving person I had met in a very long time..she and I spoke at length of our love for animals and our personal dedication to them.

She was taken into an exam room first, and came out a few minutes later to hand me her business card and said she had to make sure I had had her email and phone number on it for me to reach her.

She is the author of the book, Child Of War , and it's her story of being a child growing up in Germany during the wars. It's through the eyes of a 7 and 8 year old child and the years to follow.

She was right in the middle of the bombings, the raids, fleeing to different parts of the country with her sister and mother to save their lives..and the malnutrition, parasitic infestations, and disease that went along with it.

She faced a war that was visible on the outside, a war with weapons..but she also went through wars on the inside like we do with the infestations of parasites and the shaming from others that goes with it.

She is now the most caring, positive, and giving person despite it all, and I am deeply humbled and honored to now know her .

She sent me a copy of her book and the audio cd that was made of it as a gift..but the real gift was just meeting her and witnessing firsthand that people can overcome anything and still remain intact, still full of love, and still remain positive.

Here is the link to her book about her life..I'm still reeling from it.

If you ever think that you aren't going to make it, that this is unbearable and you can't go on, get this book and read what this courageous little girl went through...and survived.


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01/05/2012 01:20 PM
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God works in mysterious ways!!! What an honor to meet such a wonderful woman, Kim.

I met a Jewish man, from Nazi Germany, that was hidden from place to place when he was a child & taught to read the Torah.

When you meet people like this, your problems/issues seem trivial. (Not to down play anyone's pain & suffering. God knows I have my own share of them.)

01/05/2012 01:23 PM
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Raven, it was a very profound say the least.

I know what you mean about trivializing this for others here, that is not my intention at's only to give everyone an affirmation that they will indeed pull through..

Blessings to you Raven, thank you ...


01/27/2012 07:51 AM
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Blessings all-

I wanted to update everyone with the recent happenings with my newfound friend, she had really been such a blessing to get to know.

Since meeting me, she has taken it upon herself to start educating herself more about the disease and was not aware of the devastating effects that it has on people, so she wanted to know my personal experience with it.

She has been telling everyone she knows, speaking to medical professionals, and really going out to spread the word and raise awareness for all those with lyme.

Her most recent attempt at activism was to vote on the Maine ballot for state funding for MaineLyme, a non for profit organization here in Maine run by one of my old clients and other women.

As much as this woman went through in her childhood seeing death firsthand while walking over dead and decomposing bodies in the war in Germany , hiding during the bomb raids, suffering parasites, malnutrition, and almost dying herself..she finds our battle so much worse and is doing whatever she can to raise awareness.

I am blessed to have met her, and we are all very fortunate to have her on our side. People like this come into our lives for a reason, and I am just so happy and honored she came into mine.

This woman has provided us with a lesson in the possibility to overcome anything, but she's also been a lesson to prove that it only takes a chance moment in time for something to happen between two strangers, something that has the possibility to make a change for the good of all.

I don't keep the fact that I have late stage chronic lyme disease with two co- infections a secret from anyone..they may be in remission, but they will always be a part of me , where I've been , what I've been through..

If you ever find yourselves wanting to keep it from others, stop for a moment and ask yourself why..and also think of what many wonderful things could happen if you chose to tell the'll never know unless you try.

peace love and light-kim

01/27/2012 10:18 AM
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wow! that is incredible! I have goose bumps. LOL

I'll be checking out that book. Not only because I WANT to read it, but also to support someone who is so amazingly supportive of you/our cause.

I have always tried to hide my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (before diagnosed with Lyme/Co's) and now Lyme with others.

I guess I feel like I'm flawed because of it somehow. I can't compare or live up to others.

But, I shouldn't be embarrassed of it! It's been part of who I am for over 20 years now.

Thanks for the inspiration to be 'me' (Lyme and all) and to remind me that I AM A BETTER PERSON BECAUSE OF IT: I don't take things for granted anymore, I am much more compassionate, I could care less about 'stuff' & doing 'meaningless 'things' (you can't play with, wear, drive, showoff to your friends these things when you can't use even get out of bed, right? LOL), I care more about character & who I'm becoming on the 'inside', I've learned to appreciate the little things I life many don't take the time to think about (sunshine streaming in my windows, the crackling warmth of a fire, fresh clean air, compliments from my husband, hugs from my children, fresh clean sheets, etc).

I do believe the good Lord above put her in your path for a reason! Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us! =D

Blessings, Angie


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