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04/05/2011 05:24 AM



Hey all-

Here is something I personally like to live by..

It's a mistake to surround yourself

only with people just like you.

Throw off that worn comforter --

and replace it with a crazy quilt of

different and imaginative people.

Then watch the ideas erupt!

Author: Betty Bender

peace allSmile


04/12/2011 09:57 AM

Hey all-

We live comfortably in the patches of reality where theory is tolerably successful, where reason is functional and predictability predominates.

But any day an unexpected event may expel us from this Eden into the larger world of the incomprehensible.

It is then that our attitude will sustain or sink us.

If we can revel in the mystery, keeping faith in our sights, then we will thrive and grow stronger.

Author: Josh Mitteldor


04/29/2011 04:59 PM

Meditation by Alan Nordstrom


To feel affectionate toward all things living,

All creatures great and small, is my ideal;

St. Francis is my model for such giving,

Who proves this rational abstraction real.

He shows me it is possible to feel

Our kinship with all Nature and grow kind,

To sympathize with others and to heal

What's broken in ourselves, both heart and mind.

Without such fellow-feeling we grow cold,

Cut off from the embrace of sympathy,

Reduced to what is simply bought and sold,

Transactions without passion, without glee.

What's tender, gentle, soft, confederate

Is best, since what I give is what I get.


10/16/2011 01:15 PM
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Blessings all-

Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain, but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon.

Author: Ikkyu - Zen-monk poet, 1394-1481



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