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11/20/2008 06:59 PM

Tomorrow is a New Day

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A thought has been stirring around in my head due to some activity on the board today. I thought I'd post on it, and hopefully it won't sound too corny. *cheesey grin*

So I was thinking about how a sunny day can be a wonderful thing, but if you're not careful, it can burn you.

Moral: Even with the best of intentions feelings can get hurt.

My wish for this evening is for a blanket of peace to envelop each one of my friends here tonight, others too, of course.

The short & sweet of it.... this is just a little aloe for the hurt and some sunscreen for tomorrow! Wink

With great love & (((HUGS)))


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11/25/2008 05:42 AM

Does not sound corny to me, well said...Smile

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