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11/17/2008 08:17 AM

need spirochetes images

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I am now starting to work on my ceramic show and thought I would try through my pieces to talk about Lyme disease. I need enlarged images of spirochets,(not just the images where you see the wormy looking things) but real closeups. Also, if you have any other lyme related images (no ticks though, have seen too many of these in my life).

Thanks a lotr


11/17/2008 08:25 AM
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what a great idea! Reaching out thru what you know!!! Have you googled this? I know I've seen a lot of things on also on the main page is a great pic of one!

hope you are doing well! keep me updated thru emails.



11/17/2008 11:58 AM
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Here's a few things that I found - and I agree - what a great idea!! lyme_disease/organism.htm

This one was interesting - just didnt have time to read the full article - but there are interesting images at the bottom

11/17/2008 12:33 PM
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this is neat, this is the second time I am thinking the same thing...first i emailed a professor or micro biology last night to ask about the asian strain of coinfection i have of which u addressed this morning and I saw your post to me about the same thing then i come here and i see yor images posted....I wanted to post this so I am sure you will love this and of course hate it atthe same time like I did...

here is it....what lives in us....creepy but I wanted to know...

I look forward to your input, i am sure though u might have seen this already...u seem to know so much! This is our blood under darl microscope and one of these shows the reaction of the spirochete to anti bx as it changes to hide in the form of cyst..this one got to me....



this is the one shoing it forming to cyst...this one really got to me but i needed to know




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