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12/10/2011 01:37 AM

LLMD in Southern Oregon

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I live in Roseburg, anywhere in Oregon would be great. Preferably Roseburg, Medford, Eugene, Portland. My entire family has tested positive for Neurological Lyme, on IV Rosefen, all over 21 years old. Tests done by igenex labs.

Please, 'Lyme doesn't exist in Oregon' LLMDs are so hard to find. We've been driving down to Southern California.

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12/10/2011 05:43 AM
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Hi LymeBite, welcome to the group!Smile

Please check your private messages on the left hand side of your screen, I've sent you some names for your state.

I'm going to lock this post now so the other leaders know that names were sent.

Use this site for any information and research that you need..we're all here for support and to share our experiences with you..

Blessings to you and your family.


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