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12/05/2011 12:13 PM

LLMD needed in Dallas-adult female-30 yrs old

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Hello, all Smile

I'm Kimmie and I live in the general Dallas area.

I've been sick with Lyme Disease for approx 15 years, finally tested and confirmed independently through iGenex labs about a year ago.

Finally have insurance after being without for a few years, and would really really like to get my health back.

Any help or suggestions would be so very appreciated!

Please feel free to PM me with any details Smile


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12/05/2011 12:26 PM
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Hi Kimmie, welcome to the group!Smile

I'm happy to hear that you were finally diagnosed correctly..are you going through treatment for it, or were you waiting for that insurance?

Did they test you for any co-infections? What symptoms are you having at this point?

If you don't already have a llmd and need one, please post in the Doctor Request forum on here, one of us will find you there and help you.

Also, use this site for any research and information that you need. We have a lot of valuable information on here..

Blessings to you Kimmie.


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12/05/2011 03:10 PM
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hi kimmie Wink

please answer the questions in my below brief welcome to the board, and EDIT your above info with the additional info. thanks for helping us, help you Wink


Welcome to MD JUNCTION! I'm so glad you found us! You've come to the right place for education and support!

Private messages DELETED in 30 days!

ARCHIVE, upper right!

My WELCOME LETTER is posted at the top of SUPPORT FORUM in sticky pin full of good info and HYPERLINKS ready to be read. forums/general-support/2356916-bettygs-welcome-letter-wgood- beginner-links-

The most important things are at the top; MUST READ and print off as mentioned there already to start your lyme/co-infection journey with us all.

The 1st things to do are:


• Post in LLMD REQUEST FORUM for a LYME LITERATE md; see my welcome letter and the INSTRUCTIONS there if you are SPECIALLY FROM CALIF. Where it's broken down into 8 NAMED AREAS.

• You'll need to give me my calif. NAMED area where you live in the areas shown there in SUBJECT LINE plus if it's for ADULT or a child; we need age of CHILD; some llmds have AGE restrictions.

• OTHER STATES will show the SPECIFIC NAME OF THEIR STATE and closest, largest city to them in SUBJECT line plus adult or child; UNDER 21; we need their age!. forums/llmd-info/Itemid=217/func=post/do=reply

• Also, I'll need the following info in your request post:

in your llmd request, please EDIT and add more info ok.

Are you UNDER AGE 21;; if yes, I need your age shown as some of our llmds have AGE RESTRICTIONS; thanks!

how long you've been sick

if you've tested for lyme/co-infections;

which labs doing work for which specific test, etc.

did you have western blot igm/igg done by igenex?

if yes, what were the POSITIVE & INDETERMINDED numbers; NOT negatives.

thanks for understanding; just EDIT your post. you can find all by going to left MY DISCUSSIONS, click on it.

after you add more, i'll send you names ok.

just send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE left side, giving me the direct link to come to here, and i'll send you the names ok big thanks.

Betty's suggested posting guidelines:

Many of members have neuro lyme, and it is hard to read long solid block text and be able to comprehend; example, me, 42 yrs. neuro chronic lyme, so we are UNABLE to comprehend and read. Thank you for helping us help YOU Wink

please post in short paragraphs like you see below or look at a few other posts, but we neuro folks need them short.

1-2 sentences MAX per paragraph and hit ENTER TWICE to doublespace between each paragraph. We've lost our comprehension skills to read solid block text.

we neuros lose our train of thought if the sentence is broken up in the middle; so please keep an ENTIRE sentence together as ONE. hugs

For easier reading, please edit your post. You can break up your longer paragraphs into smaller paragraphs. Please hit ENTER key twice after each paragraph.

Go to left hand corner; click edit send. Then go to bottom and click SUBSCRIBE TO THIS DISCUSSION.

Thank you for posting in a manner that makes it easier for all to read and help others.

bettyg, llmd coordinator/group leader/iowa activist

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12/05/2011 03:22 PM
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Thank you, Kim Smile

Yes, I was waiting for insurance-I consulted with a Dr/naturopath last year, but could not afford his treatments since there was no insurance option through his office...

I have not been tested for any co-infections at this point. I started getting sick when I was 15-counseling at a summer camp in the mountains of North Carolina. I've been through countless Dr's and tests-you know the drill-by the time I was a Sr in high school they told me it was all in my head etc etc.

My symptoms right now are way less severe than they used to be, but at the moment I experience:

Gastric distress from top to bottom

Fatigue (a lot)

Painful joints

Muscle soreness/weakness


Foggy brain sometimes

Strange eye-sight issues


Feminine issues (not sure if they're related to Lyme's, but they're there)

I have struggled with severe depression/self harm/and anorexia (not sure if it's related)

Anyway, that's an abbreviated run-down of my situation. Thanks so much for your reply-I will find the Dr request forum and repost there Smile


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12/05/2011 03:31 PM
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Thank you, Betty!

I will try to gather all of my testing information and repost when I figure it all out...

I was tested through iGenex labs with the western blot and all that. I do need to find my results. I have moved a lot in the last year, so they are buried somewhere in my file boxes. I'll get that info to you ASAP.

Thank you for your input! I will try to get my post together.

Do I need to edit anything out of my post?

I want to make sure I post according to the rules Smile



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12/05/2011 04:03 PM
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don't look thru your moving boxes; you've provided me/us enough info; so check your private message in 10 minutes for texas/arizona llmdsWink

thanks for helping us help YOU Wink

i'm locking this post so other leaders know you were helped; names sent Wink

bettyg, llmd coordinator/leader

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