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05/24/2010 04:36 PM


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TX medical board going after Denton's Dr


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posted 05-24-2010 06:17 PM


Just when I think there might be a place to transition my kids to... have appt next week.

Texans ---what do we need to do???????????????

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posted 05-24-2010 06:40 PM

Wish I knew!!

in the meantime.. maybe you could keep the appointment and get a treatment plan from him. Buy meds online if need be. SU***!!

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posted 05-24-2010 07:03 PM

He's my doc too.

He's gone in 2 months.

We have to get our folders and Dr W's gonna help us find new doctors, be put on a protocol/plan, etc etc

Sad news for Dr W who is 64 yrs old.

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posted 05-24-2010 06:00 PM

OH CR**!!!

Can he continue to practice medicine?




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posted 05-24-2010 06:06 PM

I am not sure.

His nurse didn't know all the details yet as she hasn't had much time to talk to him.

she is doubling as the receptionist today as well.

Between patients and dealing with all of the calls she hasn't gotten more info than he closes in 2 months



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05/25/2010 04:32 AM
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He is my doctor too. I am going to Denton today to see my obgyn. Will stop by his office. This is so sad. It breaks my heart, no only for the many patients he is seeing, but for him. Tears.

05/26/2010 01:21 AM
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many links to BACKGROUND on this entire thing below!!

pay attention to LONESTARTICK'S POSTS; she's been involved in this from the get go!! ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=002368;p=0


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posted 05-25-2010 11:32 AM

Has anybody contacted Stand Up For Lyme - the politically active group in Texas?

They have been actively trying to protect doctors in Texas since the LLNP was targeted a while back.

However, I'm not sure what they can do until the Texas Legislature meets again in 2011.

They do seem to understand the political process in Texas.

It may be wise to consult with them before taking action so that we don't accidentally undermine any efforts currently underway.

Another group that may offer insight and understanding into how out of control the TMB (Texas Medical Board) is would be parents of children with Autism, who might also be able to offer insight into patient advocacy strategies that would offer real protections for all of the Texas doctors willing to think outside the box.

The TMB has been out of control for as long as I've been familiar with Texas politics.

Even the state Senate Hearings in 2000 seemed to do little to influence positive changes with regard to how they treat our physicians.

Just a thought, but it seems to me that there may be additional patient groups in Texas with similar complaints about how the TMB has been stealthily targeting their doctors.

Based on what I've heard through the grapevine, the TMB is cautious to frame complaints and sanctions so that one can't easily demonstrate that they've targeted anyone for "treating Lyme" per say, but rather for lack of record keeping or other clerical errors.

However, if groups with overlapping complaints could unite, perhaps it would be easier to demonstrate how doctors are being targeted and picked off.

It seems to me that it might be easier to get a legislative body to recognize just how many doctors are being targeted politically if we can demonstrate that it is more than just one every four or five years, as is the appearance with the recent number of attacks on LLMDs.

It would be nice if we had uniform protections to protect all doctors willing to go the distance for chronic patients for whom mainstream answers do not readily exist because that might make it easier for a wider body of physicians to become educated about the role of Lyme and co-infections may play in other chronic patient groups.

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posted 05-25-2010 02:58 PM

check out this page re TX Med Board [


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posted 05-25-2010 04:15 PM

[b]Thanks for the link MJB.

More information about wider spread problems with the TMB (Texas Medical Board) can be found at the AAPS website page:

above link discusses lack of transparency with regard to anonymous complaints.

One of the problems with the TMB complaint process is that it permits anonymous complaints.

If memory serves me, testimony during the 2000 Texas Senate Hearings on Lyme Disease shed light on the fact that it is easy for insurance companies to file anonymous complaints against a particular doctor simply because they wish to deny certain types of claims.

So long a the anonymous complaint process exists, those abuses will continue.

Meanwhile the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMCool is located in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and is recognized as an authority on medical license issues and discipline, which is virtually in the TMB's backyard.

If the FSMB were to encourage other states to base their State Medical Boards on the TMB model, the type of shenanigans that go in Texas could become far reaching.

For that reason, it would behoove all patients and physicians to watch closely and support the AAPS in their actions against the TMB.

IMHO, it would surprise me to learn that the FSMB is anymore interested in the welfare of chronic patients than the TMB is, who seem to me to be intent on terrorizing doctors and interfering with the doctor patient relationship.


A former head of the Texas Medical Board resigned in 2008 amidst allegations of misconduct and abuse of board powers that included use of that office to go after their competition.

However, anyone seeking treatment for Lyme disease in Texas can tell you that the alleged corruption and abuse of power by that board go back further than that.

Until such time as anonymous complaints become a thing of the past, such abuses and intimidation of doctors will probably continue.

monitor story medical.html

TXPPR story

ABC local story id=6564028

additional details...this link is NOT working! bettyg

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posted 05-25-2010 07:40 PM

If you really want to help... Dr W said to write letters to gov Perry

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posted 05-26-2010 12:47 AM

Ok, we know there's a lot of TX Lyme patients - so join together - talk with other states who are also working on protective legislation - there's really no other way to get doctors protected.

What's this about the TX legislature not meeting until 2011? Don't they work?!

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from an ANONYMOUIS FRIEND OF MINE ACTIVE IN TEXAS ACTIVISM who referred me to the above comments from lonestar tick:


Until we succeed in revising our statutes, the TMB will continue to get by with this kind of thing.

We almost succeeded in getting legislatve revisions in 2009, but the clock ran out and the bill died before a final vote could be scheduled.

There is work being done in the background by knowledgeable Lyme activists to secure support favorable for Lyme doctors and patients from other Texas agencies also, such as the Texas Department of Health.

There is a lot of background history to this -- more than I can go into.



What we do NOT want is for too many hysterical Lyme patient to become actively involved for fear that their efforts might backfire. Again, another long, long story.

There are several recent posts by LoneStarTick at LymeNet under the topic in the Activism forum which helps to answer most of your concerns.


so please do NOT go off on your own, work with the TEXAS LYME LEADERS IN ACTIVISM; they have a plan, and above links will lead you to many of these folks working BEHIND THE SCENES!! thanks all. Smile

bettyg, iowa lyme activist/leader

05/26/2010 02:16 AM
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how this complaint got started below!


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posted 05-25-2010 07:37 PM

The couple want to have a kid but dr W advised against it.

He recommended they wait until she finished roughly 12-18 months of treatment so the baby can hopefully avoid Lyme and/or Lyme-related illnesses.

It's amazing how one person(the husband) can impact so many lives.

He didn't believe that his wife needed to take all of dr burrascanos recommended supplements. He thought dr W was trying to make money off of them.

Most ironic thing in all of this...

The woman had been to 2-3 different doctors and never got better.

Dr W said she was recovering very well and had her at, roughly, 80%


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05/27/2010 11:44 AM
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05/28/2010 01:29 AM
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His office is closing on July 30th, so anyone who is a patient of his will hopefully be able to get in to him one more time, and they are going to give patients copies of their records (some places charge, but they aren't).


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posted 05-27-2010 06:02 PM

i cut 1st paragraph & showed at top of this post!

When I talked to Dr W on the phone last night, he said that what he wants us all to do is write letters to our legislators and tell our stories.

The problem is still the IDSA guidelines.

Dr W He said until the legislature is changed, the situation won't really change for any of us.

He was expecting this to happen, which is very sad. He knows that we are all having trouble with this.

I for one find this whole thing very depressing.

Take care -kelly


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