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01/15/2013 04:14 PM

LLMD for 8-year-old in S. Dakota

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I am looking for a LLMD for my 8-year-old son.

We live in Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. This is in SE S. Dakota.

We could travel to Omaha, NE, or Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

We currently doctor with a ND in the Bozeman, MT, area, which is a 2-day drive each way for us.

We consult mainly through phone calls and send him test results, and try to visit in-person once a year. I am not yet aware if he treats children for Lyme.

We have not yet undergone testing, but are requesting the test kit from Igenix lab.

My son has multiple symptoms and diagnoses, including high-functioning atypical autism, low muscle tone, suspected metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction, joint pain, severe anxiety, mood swings, exercise intolerance, heat intolerance, fatigue, reduced sweating, and more.

After looking through some co-infection charts I believe he and I might test positive for Lyme and Bartonella. Not sure on others for my son.

My sister tested positive for Lyme and Bartonella and equivocal for one other co-infection. She is being treated for late-stage neuro lyme by our ND in MT with good results. Her 3 children all recently tested positive for Lyme.

My sister and I grew up in northern and central Maine (Littleton and Old Town) and spent many years in the woods as kids and teens. We now live in S. Dakota and our children were all born here.

My kids and my sisters kids have both visited Maine twice, spending time in the woods both visits, but no obvious ticks on them. We do suspect congenital Lyme but not sure. I did pull a tick off my son when he was 3-4 years of age, here at home in S. Dakota.

Thank you for any possible referrals.

I am very happy with our ND in MT, but the distance is challenging. I will make it work if necessary but would like someone closer if possible for times when immediate assistance might be necessary.

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01/15/2013 11:25 PM
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LEADERS, LOCK THIS; sending names soon.

thx, bettyg, iowa


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01/18/2013 09:51 PM
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List sent, locking post.
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