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11/03/2012 11:33 AM

LLMD needed in Leesburg area of Virginia

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I live in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia (DC suburb). I am looking for an LLMD in Fairfax or Loudoun County VA or in Frederick County MD. I live in Leesburg, VA.

Answers to required questions:

a. I live in Virginia - Loudoun County

b. What major city are you near? - I am within 30 miles of Washington D.C.

c. Is this for you or a family member/friend? - This is for myself.

d. What age is the patient? - I am 33 yrs old.

e. Have you been tested for Lyme or diagnosed previously? -- Yes tested and diagnoses in March 2012

f. If so, with what tests, using what laboratory? -- Quest in VA (March 2012 test) and LabCorp in NC (October 2012 test)

g. What were the test results? October 2012 test by LabCorp -- Western Blot - IgM P39 Ab and IgM P23 Ab were positive. All IgG bands negative

h. How long have you been ill? Since March 2012

i. What are your symptoms? - Fatigue and neck pain, dizziness and brain fog

j. Do you have any other diagnoses? No

k. Optional: Are you looking for a specialist, or treatment approach? I am willing to do whatever works

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11/03/2012 09:39 PM

Sending info, locking this post.
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