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05/23/2008 06:47 AM



I've just found out that I tested positive for lyme's disease. I haven't had a recent bite from a tick and the symptoms are of an older contact--joint pain and fatigue.

I don't know what happens next but I'm glad I'm not a hypochondriac.




05/26/2008 05:14 AM
Posts: 281

Hello Karen and welcome to the group. I live in Georgia also, near Atlanta. How did you get diagnoised? I ask because this seems to be the biggest challenge with lyme sufferers. Most Dr.s will order the screening test and if it comes back negative they ignore all your obvious symptoms and say you don't have it based on your negative test. Are you under the care of a LLMD? If not you need one because tx is tricky.

Good luck, Denise

05/26/2008 05:49 AM

Yeah. It seems that the second test came back non-confirming so the nurse practitioner, whom I don't deal with usually, but my regular DR was out, sent in an antibiotic because she claimed it had to be a new bite! Which it's not!!!! I'm not going to take the antibiotic until I get this info from my DR or someone else I have personally met, at least!

What dr do you see?




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