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09/08/2009 12:18 PM

new guy

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Hi I was recently bit by tick, got bullseye and became sick. I am very health conscious and began doing lots of research immediately after seeing and feeling symptoms.

Currently taking doxycycline when necessary, milk thistle, caprylic acid, raw garlic, coconut, eating primarily a raw food diet with rare meat and bean additions. no sugar and very very little whole grains such as brown rice. Also supplementing with a quantum physics based product that clears energy channels in the immune system helping the body heal itself.

So far ive tried short spurts of using clay and psyllium husk to draw out cross infections and cure previous bacterial/parasitic problems.

Some observations ive made in the few weeks ive had lymes.

-Find that as long as my blood sugar stays steady i dont have symptoms.

-Find stagnant negative emotions can be cause for flaring attacks of bacteria.

-Am continuing to read as much literature as possible about lyme treatments. Particularly the recent books ive found on amazon.

-I stopped using vitamin D in the diet and avoid sunlight right now. (Recommended from 10 best treatments for lymes.)

-Using probiotics WITH caps that survive stomach acid and reach colon.

-Successful in using Ribose one product(Oxygen ATP) in helping symptoms/ increasing energy.

-Irregularly started using astralagus root tea and thinking about olive leaf tinctures/tea.

-Planning to use a Parasite Clense kit i bought at co-op.

I live a life based on self understanding, introspection and meditation and am actually making this a fun and exciting experience to learn and become a tool for helping others.

May everyone be blessed with this experience and find wisdom and love in their healing process.


09/08/2009 01:44 PM
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Welcome aboard Walle! Sounds like you have been doing quite a bit of research. Good for you! I did a lot of that in the beginning too (well, I still do, but was full on at the beginning). I think that is a GREAT way to approach it! I think you will like this group, lots of good info from experience and wonderful support. I wish you the best of luck!!!

09/08/2009 08:53 PM
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A positive attitude and being proactive are half the battle. Keep up the good work!!!

09/09/2009 08:24 AM
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I totally agree = and Welcome!

Take Charge and Take Care - the only way we can truly get better!

Keep it going - Walle



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