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05/26/2009 03:38 PM

cat's claw cured my lyme disease

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I got a blood test for lyme disease in February that came back positive. I started taking regular Cat's Claw 500 mg 6x daily. I just got my results back today, and I no longer have lyme disease. I recommend cat's claw for people with lyme disease. I also was prescribed antibiotics, which I did NOT take, so I know it was the cat's claw that cured me of it. Good luck

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05/26/2009 05:49 PM

I think that is great.

Many will say there is no "CURE"...But believing that, then here would be no hope.

I believe I'am cured, some will say remission, as long as I feel good, slap whatever label on it...At least that is my hope...Even if I am wrong, I live each day to the fullest, and if and when it showes it face again, I'm ready...

I wish you the best of luck..Glad you are feeling good again...


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05/27/2009 09:23 AM
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Just curious, what testing proves a "cure"?

I use Cats Claw with good results in controlling my symptoms, not expecting a cure.

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05/27/2009 01:06 PM

If the question is for me, I don't have any idea. I have been well for almost 1.5 years....And I never used Cat's claw...
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05/27/2009 04:40 PM
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RE: The last few questions

What is cat's claw, and how much does it cost?

I buy a 250 count for $12 at my local herbal store. You can also get it from the Internet, such as "ebay". (Please be aware that some Internet sites will charge up to $90 for a liquid concentrate of "TOA" free cat's claw.) please follow this link regarding cat's claw, and what it's purpose is. I'm sure you will find it quite interesting. As far as testing negative, my doctor ordered another western blot test, which I said earlier that it is the most accurate blood test available, He said I have no trace what so ever of Lyme disease. That is a "cure" to me. *I also would like to tell you guys that I had the early onset of Lyme disease. Meaning that I had just contracted it 6-9 months ago while living in Fl* I'm not sure if this will work for Lyme disease that has been in your body for a long period of time, so please take that into consideration as well. Good luck to you all.

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05/28/2009 02:37 PM
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How have they termed you cured...because if it is the same Western Blot that diagnosed you - you must understand that that test is NOT accurate in the least...was your WB done through Igenex - if not then you had a standard HIGHLY infalible blood test done...HIGHLY...

I am SORRY to cut in here like this - BUT we spend countless hours doing research - and the proof is out there as to how Inaccurate the standard WB's are - and even Igenex is not 100%. The Western Blot Detects ANTIBODIES - NOT THE DISEASE itself - therefore NO doctor should tell you based on that that there is absolutely NO trace - as our bodies can at ANY STOP producing antibodies - just as it can at any time START producing them!

OK - I know that we all want a HOPE for cure - but many repuitible LLMD's do use Cat's Claw and Samento (TOA Free cats claw) and it alone CANNOT cure Lyme...

I myself can only use it for about a month and then it stops working...

It can facilitate remission...ABSOLUTELY - but it in no way has been proven to be able to "cure" lyme - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has...

Standard bloodtests are SO inaccurate that you cannot rely on them for being deemed cured...NO SINGLE TEST is 100% - NOT ONE...And if you did a test ONLY looking for a SMALL set of antibodies - you may have had other specific antibodies present that WERE NOT TESTED for...HOW IS THAT CURED?

Many have been able to reach remission - which can last for YEARS...but the bug is still there...

Those fortunate enough to NOT have Co-infections or reactivated viruses and such can get to remission much easier...

Even Julie who has responded here had taken several months to get better and she caught it within the first few days...

I know that by getting results that say that you are "Cured" helps you to feel great - But I am not one and NEVER will be one to sugar coat the truth about this disease...

I do know that high doses of cat's claw with early detection can be very successful...but unless you started the day you were infected - I would not personally jump on the "Cured" band wagon...and you are saying 6-9 months - this disease has plenty of time to go into dormancy (which it can do after the 3rd replication) - were you on Allergy Research Groups - Prima Una De Gato - the only cat's claw that I know of to have a cyst buster in it (which makes dormant bacteria susceptible to treatment) - Nutricology is their retail brand...

Remission is more likely the answer. You see the bacteria can detect a hostile environment - and will go into dormancy in order to survive...

That is why a proper maintainence plan is imperitive - which I hope you implement...

I am sure there are those who are going to be a little upset with my knocking Cat's Claw as "Cure" - many here have been on it for long term...and have had great success - but it is not the single answer...and some have found that when introducing something kicks up and starts the herx process all over...and they are also taking MANY other things to facilitate remission...

Again - I sugar coat NOTHING. Experience has taught me BETTER - I have tried many things that people come forward saying has cured them - but it never did for me - nor have I ever entered remission...coloidal silver, cat's claw, abx...the list goes on...Now yes - all are different...and only time will tell with those who profess "cure". But I also know of (dont have it handy) people who have undergone years of treatment - had the bite site biopsied and the bacteria was still there...even when symptom free...

Again - not saying that these things do not help - they certainly do - but Lyme is highly adaptable - and no SINGLE thing works indefinitely...

So cat's claw and/or samento - for those who are new - can be VERY effective in treating Lyme. But even the ND's that use it generally do not use it alone. Many use it in conjunction with Cumanda, banderal, barberry, Spiro...the list goes on of natural abx that are effective on their own and more so in combo - just as conventional abx...

And NEVER rely on a blood test to tell you you are cured...or in remission - or for diagnosis for that matter - this is a disease that is ultimately diagnosed and treated on a clinical basis - that means, you need to be symptom free for a period of time in order to be considered in remission or as some choose to believe "cured"...

For some that time period is 3 months symptom free - for me personally our goal was 10 months - and I only made 8...then came a huge crash...

This is not to lower anyone's hopes by any means - but a reminder that this disease plays DIRTY...Please understand that.

Allayne - for your sake - I certainly hope this never raises its head again - but just be prepared - it could - It doesnt go away easily...

Good luck to all - and yes - i can direct you to Cat's claw, Samento and other Natural treatments - as I am on a natural treatment now - only supplementing with abx because I had no choice but to treat with steroids for a viral infection...but my main course is natural...


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05/28/2009 03:21 PM
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I have been on cat's claw since Aug. of 08. I know it has done absolutely nothing for me. IF anything it makes my stomach really upset. The last test I had showed more bands.

So I went from 2 bands to 5 bands.

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05/29/2009 06:35 AM
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I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. That is awesome and something we all look forward to...Smile

Are you totally symptom free? For how long before you stopped taking the Cat's Claw?

What kind of doc are you seeing? Is it an LLMD or an LLND?

I am very surprised a knowledgable LLMD or LLND would use a WB to deem a cure. I am also very suspicious of any doc who tells me they can produce a cure.

Christine did a pretty thorough job of explaining why...and No, she doesn't sugar coat a thing. LOL

She has done battle with this disease for too long and from so many different angles and has done thousands of hours of research...

And the fact is, people need to hear the cold hard truth in order to fully appreciate the far reaching ramifications of this disease and the polotics that are blocking progress for the sufferring.

I hope you can appreciate how some of us are a little skeptical of the whole "cure" thing.

The real point here is that you feel better! And that should be celebrated for sure!!

Please keep us posted about your progress...It is always uplifting to hear of someone feeling well! Wink

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05/29/2009 07:09 AM

Cmany is right She said "Even Julie who has responded here had taken several months to get better and she caught it within the first few days"

It took almost a year of hell before I started to feel better, then it went back and forth for awhile..I still have my days but nothing like before..."CURE" heck I have no idea, "REMISSION" Yes...

My guard will always be up when it comes to lyme and myself.

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05/29/2009 07:19 AM
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same here, Do I think Im cured dont know but I know the lyme is in remission and I took samento for my cats claw never took anything to try to bust a cyst but again I will always be on guard with this disease because it can come out of no where and destroy a person.
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