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01/27/2012 08:13 PM

Dx'd 5 mos ago, entire family. DH, me, 4 kids

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We've been doctoring for many years for our children, all whom have regressive onset autism.

Husband has chronic pain migrates, nerve damage in limbs and more and more neurological manifestations.

My symps really bc bad after birth of my twins (now 6).... Chronic fatigue and anxiety/depression, brain fog.

All 4 children regressed within a 2.5 year span into autism. It has been hell. Their health is fragile at best.

They are 8, twins are 6, and 4. It has been more than exhausting.

We are thankful for our doctor, a naturopath whom is committed to our healing.

I look forward to learning and researching knowledge of this group.


emphasized, bettyg, leader

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01/28/2012 02:56 AM
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welcome tj,

my heart goes out to you on all 4 kids being autistic plus you/hubby having lyme too!

lyme/autism are related! here are some more links i didn't send to you in my earlier pm to you. forums/studies-research/3070516-lyme-induced-autism-conf- biofilm-toxicity



we do have some llmds who specialize in AUTISM TOO. i believe one is in virginia off the top of my head; if it's working at this time of the am! lol Wink

go to my WELCOME LETTER at top of support, and then go down to area of DR. CORSON'S HEADACHE ARTICLE, very detailed/lengthy will give you good advise galore.

i'm glad your twins are out of the terrible 2s and 3s though; but my heart goes out to you on all the demands everyone needs and NOT enough of you especially with your own health being so bad.

do you have any idea when and where you all were bitten by ticks?

best wishes, and sending god extra prayers to lighten your load and carry you all during these difficult days, months, and years ahead!

gentle hugs too.

bettyg, llmd coordinator/leader

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01/28/2012 04:15 PM
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Thank you, Betty. Will do some reading on my first night shift tonite... Thanks.

I definitely know Lyme and autism are related. We have been educating ourselves as much as possible ontop our other triage research.

We believe the children were born with Lyme.

and suspect my husband or I first had then gave to the other, as our bands are very similar and confections. My results were not as positive as my husbands but similar.

He grew up in very wooded and remote part of country. We do not know definitively.


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