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05/08/2008 12:57 PM

Most amazing thing ever

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I went to see a doctor at a pain management clinic today (second visit). My neurologist sent me there to have some nerves numbed around my neck and scalp (mostly occipital nerve) and see if that helped some of my pain because since December I have migraines everyday and since march have had sharp pain shooting through the right side of my head from the base of my skull. This doctor refused to do it and and gave me a lecture on sleep and not relying on pills for everything. I've had severe insomnia for two years and generally only sleep 2-5 hours each night and don't nap at all I'm also not even on pain meds, only prescription NSAIDS for arthritis, vitamins, migraine meds and birth control for polycystic ovaries. I really don't think that's that much considering some of the medications I've been on in the past. Instead after the lectures he insisted giving me an epideral. I left very angry but agreed to come back. Today I feel he redeemed himself. Besides being very interested and asking questions about my new picc line (I must admit I think it's pretty fascinating and loved watching it put in and the procedures that went with it) he was helpful this time with my neck and the stiffness and swelling. He had me show him where it was most tender and where the pain was starting and gave me a sample tube for a non steroid anti-inflammatory cream. It's called Voltaren Gel and requires a prescription but you can use it places like for me my neck and knees when the anti inflammatory pills aren't enough. It's supposed to last up to 6 hours after each use and can't be overdosed on. I've used it the one time and already my neck feels so good right now.



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