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09/12/2009 08:55 PM

Feels like I broke my hand & foot + shin splints

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I asked this before and didn't really get a response, so out of this agonizing pain, I am hoping someone will see it this time and provide me with any way to treat this.

This feeling in my hand is what originally sent me to the doctor. My hand literally felt broken though, the pain would come and go throughout a week. My pinky tingles too. I was originally diagnosed with B12 deficiency which I began taking and the pain went away, almost instantly.

Well now, literally a year later, the pain has come back and also moved to my foot and when this happens I can't walk at all. I can't put any pressure on it. Then it miracurously disappears.

This is an unbearable way to live and I don't know why this has come back, but I know I really need it to stop!!! No pain meds seem to help. The pain literally comes and goes. At 3pm my hand feels broken, by 4pm it's fine, by 4:30 it's back. There is no rhyme or reason for it.

Then today, while my hand is killing me, I am sitting around chatting and my shins began hurting like shin splints, except, I'm sitting, so it didn't make any sense. They got worse and worse and then just disapeared. My foot (the one that feels broken from time to time kept falling asleep too.) What is going on!?!?

Does anyone have any insight? Please!!!


09/13/2009 06:33 PM
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I get this as well. I also get it in my wrist, ankle and lower back. The shin thing is just to the side of the bone. I think its a nerve thing. Im also thinking it might have something to do with magnesium and B-12. I am going to the LLMD next week and will be asking

09/13/2009 07:12 PM
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Hi sosotired,

Only my second post, still trying to figure everything out, so I hope this post helps:

These pains sound like the symptoms of a classic 'Bartonella like organism' infection. Have you ever considered the idea that you have this? It is the shin and foot pain that really stand out. Usually the foot pain is worse in the morning for people with this infection. This is almost impossible to test for with a blood test from what I've read, but the treatment has been extremely effective for me(even though I'm only 6 days in) . I suffered with the same issues. The treatment also relieved major amounts of anxiety, irritability, joint/nerve pain, headaches, mood swings, concentration problems, and lots of other symptoms I can't think of.

I learned that I probably had the infection from the Lyme Disease Solution Book, as well as my LLMD. However I have only been on the Levaquin treatment for 6 days, now suffering severe abdominal muscle pains as a side-effect. The Levaquin is quite dangerous, so I'm not sure where I'm going to go from here. In terms of the severe abdominal muscle pains I'm starting to think it maybe that I have developed leaky gut syndrome in addition to a gastrointestinal candida infection because the levoquin and doxy 3x a day are so powerful.

Sorry if this post is a little off topic, but I have tried to tell you what I've gone through in search of treating the foot, shin, and hand pains.

Good luck.

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