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08/20/2009 03:48 PM

New Memory Problems 2 Months into treatment

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As the title says I seem to be having severely impaired short term memory recently. Prior to treatment I was indeed spacey and felt out of it but now two and a half months into treatment I feel like a goldfish. I literally will take my medication and 5 minutes later forget if I have taken it or not. Just to use one example.

That said I've been able to ignore it for the most part over the last couple of weeks (i'm quite good at ignoring what I don't want to think about Whistling ) but today it has randomly just hit and I feel quite anxious about this. Ugh I just feel damn overwhelmed, not depressed but just ugh !!!

Current: Regimen

Amoxicillian 1,000 mg - 3x Daily

Probeniced - 500 mg - 3x Daily


Vyvanse 50 mg

Nadolol (Newly introduced possible candidate)

Omegabrite Fish oil

Vitamin - D


B6, B12 sublingual, B-50 complex

Vitamin C



Soon to start Trazadone as needed for sleep issues.

Has anyone else had severe memory issues pop mid treatment ? Is there any cumulative feeling of getting better or does this crap just continue to pop up randomly. Sorry for the frustration Smile


08/20/2009 07:25 PM
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Yup! Last sunday I was driving to my brother in laws and I couldnt remember where to turn to get to his street. Very scary and frustrating.

08/20/2009 07:44 PM
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Was driving to PetSmart yesterday, I thought while I'm in the area I'm going to check for something in Academy which has a giant sign OPEN August 27, I had to sit and think...then I thought yeah it's open it's September..

I started walking up to the store and the security guard came out and asked could he help me, I said I'm going into the store, he said,"It's not open yet" and I asked "What is it?" He said "A Store, a sporting goods store," I said no what month is it?

And this is when I feel like I've been improving...

Blink Laughing

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08/22/2009 08:05 AM
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I had the same issues about 3 months into treatment, seems to go up and down (like most of the lyme symptoms). It seemed to get a bit better when I added ginko biloba and then again when I upped my b12 shots and added samento. Pretty decent on the memory side right now.

01/23/2011 08:14 AM
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Hi. The Doxy I took made my memory worse. The rocephin has been working but then I had a setback. Have you tried Doxy? Also, fyi, I would not recommend taking Trazadone. Try to avoid this if possible. Usually it gets worse before it gets better!

01/23/2011 09:09 AM
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Hi Lymelife, For me brain fog and short term memory loss were some of the worse symptoms,,along with anger , I can relate to taking doxcy and 5 minutes later wondering if i took it

The mental decline is hard to deal with , but i have had some improvement over the last few months. I would study and read all the time but for last year i stopped reading and studying .but have found even if information does not seem like it is going in when reading. i read anyway now and a few days later something i read will come back to me

The brain has to be stimulated, and you mentioned about taking meds for sleep problems, Lack of sleep will have a major impact on your memory, so if you are not getting enough sleep this could be one of the major reasons why your memory has declined

Anyone who has been deprived of sleep will have memory problems along with mental decline. Once you get back on track with your sleep your memory will improve.

I know you mentioned taking meds for sleep, be careful when taking meds for sleep because there are many sife effects with these meds. There are many other things you can do naturaly for sleep

I am not a dr but have seen many people get messed up taking sleep meds, I know how frustrating this can be when you need sleep and can not get any, Many in this forum have dealt with sleep issues,

Over the last few months my memory has been improving but i went a few years where it was bad, Hang in there and it will improve in time, This is a disease that we want it to go away over night but for many it is a long road, Being Patient and persistent is a must, This could be a 15 round fight, you might have gone through the first 9 rounds with 6 more to go , Keep pressing and have a great day John

01/23/2011 11:50 AM


Great Post. you are so right, no sleep is awful. I've been dealing with it for years (not from lyme) it can really mess you up. I've tried every pill out there, finally said "NO MORE PILLS"....Still don't sleep as I have gotten used to it.

Glad you are doing better....

Have a great day!!!


01/23/2011 12:58 PM
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I have really bad short term memory loss. Especially with directions (I have lived in Savannah, GA for 4 months and still can hardly get ANYWHERE without my GPS, which is unlike me). I also have a hard time with conversations with people as I tend to repeat them. I also have a really hard time with numbers and sentences. For example if I'm trying to read something and re-type it at the same time I cannot remember more than one or two words at a time, SUPER frustrating. Phone numbers, I might as well just forget it, I can't remember one at all. I have to listen to it about 10 times and repeat it to myself each time before I can maybe remember it. I also find myself feeling generally confused a lot.

You're definitely not alone in this. Hang in there.

01/23/2011 03:16 PM
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It took me 3 weeks to finally get the vitamin dosages down right. I put all the vitamins I take once a day to the left of the cabinet, the ones I take twice a day in the middle

of the cabinet. I write lots of if I could remember where I left the list I would be doing ok. Smile Hang in there.


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