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08/17/2009 03:05 PM

Neg. Western Blot Band 23 Question...

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I apologize if I'm asking a redundant question but I'm still trying to understand these test results. I personally have been diagnosed with Lyme after a year of negative tests, having finally got a positive WB IgM w/ bands at 41 and 23. My husband and a friend have both recently received there negative test results and both had positive band 41 on IgG and positive band 23 on IgM. Both have been told they do not have Lyme Disease.

My husband is not symptomatic, but my friend does have many of the symptoms. My personal feeling is that she should pursue it with my doc, who is the one-and-only in our rural area that treats LD aggressively.

Question: if Band 23 is Borrelia specific, would that not mean exposure to the bacteria? If a patient has many LD symptoms in an endemic area and a booming LD population, what would be a logical argument against antibiotic treatment?




08/17/2009 04:19 PM
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This is why Lyme is a clinical diagnosis...the standard WB testing is heavily flawed...

23 is very Lyme specific...and not having other bands does NOT rule out infection. There are a number of reasons for a test to be negative....

These tests are designed around European strains of this disease. Often, our bodies are unable to produce antibodies, thus we will test negative on a WB. They are not looking for all bands just because one is negative on the bands that particular WB is looking for, does not mean that the other bands are not present...

If your hubby is not experiencing symptoms - the best thing for him to do is keep his immune system strong through proper nutrition...Following a diet that Lymies follow...

As for your friend...yes...they should pursue treatment with an LLMD - based on Symptoms and the WB to support it...

Some will test positive after a course of abx - some dont...i stopped getting tested, because despite treatment, my body would not produce antibodies - it may now, but back then (10 yrs or so), I had had enough of it...I knew what I had...

Hope this helps



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