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07/16/2009 10:42 AM

Two back-to-back Herxing episodes?

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Hey there I have only been n meds for 6 weeks and experienced my first "Herx" last week. My doc said expect it to last 5 or 6 days and she was right. It peaked about the 3rd day, then steadily decreased and by day 6 it was over.

QUESTION: Is it possible to have two back-to-back epoisodes? After one "normal" day I started feeling crappy again and having pain and now I feel as if I am peaking again!

("normal" only means a lower level of pain and better able to move around, but not a normal person's "normal"Wink I was under the impression that Herxing comes in cycles, like once or twice a month, but these two eisodes only had one day between. Please advise!

-LymkillerCheerful Sad


07/16/2009 12:42 PM
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I'm going to say yes...but that's just a guess on my part.

Did you slack on detox while you were feeling crappy?

Do you know if you have any coinfections?

I have Lyme and Babs and sometimes I get hit with a Lyme flare followed by a Babs flare...both can behave very cyclically.

Try to keep track of the days and lengths of your herxes and see if a pattern creeps up...

Hope this helps some....


07/17/2009 04:32 PM
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Thanks Dharma79...

I don't know if I have co-infections but my doc suspects Bartinella. But I didn't test pos for Lyme or Bartinella, we only can conclude I have Lyme because I noticed positive resultes after the first 30 days of abx.

Re. detox, I do salts baths, but what else could I do? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


07/17/2009 05:26 PM
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Hi Lymekiller,

I think there is a post about Detox in the facts forum. Check it out. Some good stuff in posts that arent too old.

07/17/2009 05:37 PM
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well your second herx could be from the buildup of amonia in your body from the toxins which must be taken out.


07/18/2009 12:44 PM
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Water - you need to be drinking a lot of water - at least half your weight in ounces daily...

there are detox teas (traditional medicinals IMO are really good) can get them at a grocery store...

Vit C helps...

and yes as steelers said amonina build up can really put a damper on things...there are supplements that can help with this too...but I am not home so I cant look them up...

hang in there



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