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07/02/2009 01:33 PM

burning mouth syndrome, dry mouth and LD

envirogranPosts: 2
New Member

Since I am still awaiting confirmation of chronic Lyme Disease, I don't know if I'm muddying the waters with this question, but in addition to the peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, joint pains, back aches, memory issues and migraines I've suffered with since about 2000, about three years ago I developed new unpleasant symptoms in the form of burning mouth syndrom. In brief, my tongue always feels like I just scalded it, and my mouth is excruciatingly "dry", even while I'm drinking a glass of water.

I think it is another form of neuropathy, and wonder if anyone with LD has experienced this, or found any kind of relief. I use Biotene dry mouth toothpaste, mouthwash and gell, all of which give me very temporary relief.

Happy 4th to all,


06/01/2013 02:05 PM
Posts: 28
New Member

I have this yes but it is accompanied by wasting/atrophy of muscle tissue and soft tissue, cartilages. I have Igenex positive Western blot results but my Kaiser doctors don't recognize it

06/01/2013 04:52 PM
Posts: 705

yes, i have this, dry mouth started at the beginning and was horrible, it also affected my saliva gland. My tongue burned terribly and still does somewhat.

I seem to have some sort of sore or irritation on the side of my tongue as well, my sinuses are affected too, they are extremely dry and burn


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