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06/21/2009 07:58 PM

Lyme Disease & Nerve Damage .....

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My sister was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after her right leg from the knee down went numb, causing her to limp. We took her in for some testing and she ended up having a hospital stay. She does have nerve damage, was given antibiotics, had a PICC line for 37 days. She is currently going to physical therapy...

My question is are there any other people that had the leg numbness, difficulty in walking, and if so how long was it until you feel you were "back to normal".

We are very anxious and are surprised that the disease shows up in so many different ways. The doctors think the bite occurred over a year ago.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


06/22/2009 04:56 AM
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Im hoping that she is still on some type of antibiotic. Some numbness never goes away and the neurapathy is permenant. That is the case for me. Its in my toes. With hope the numbness will go away for her but im concerned if she isnt on an antibiotic at present

06/22/2009 05:02 AM
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I had numbness that came and went in my hands and feet and since starting antibotics, it went away. Haven't had it back ...yet

06/22/2009 11:58 AM
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Yes she is on Oral antibiotics now.. She has another EMG scheduled on Tuesday so we will see what they decide to do after that. It really is upsetting Sad

06/22/2009 07:47 PM
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Loss of feeling in any part of your body is really scary. Even more scary in your legs because you worry about the chair. I had the same leg numbness/weakness you describe really bad last summer. I could walk but if I went too far I would end up dragging my legs home. Some days my legs felt like they had weights on them an it took a lot of effort to walk anywhere. I started walking after dark so that my neighbors wouldn't see. It took me about 6-9 months of oral abx to feel better, but I can't say that I feel 100% yet. Much better though. Stay the course with the abx. I am now on some natural abx, but was on 4 different abx at the same time to "blast" the disease. I questioned whether it was the right thing for a long time, but now I think it was. There are some who go holistic the whole way though. I hope she starts feeling better soon. I think that the hardest part is not feeling like a sick person all the time. when she's feelign a bit better do what you can to get her moving. Lyme hates oxygen so exercise, even when it's hard, will help her immensely. Even if it's only the inevitable depression.

06/22/2009 09:46 PM
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If she is having such trouble, long term treatment is most likely going to be necessary...this disease is not cleared up with just a few weeks or months worth in many cases...altho some do bounce back quick (probably cuz they have stronger immune systems then others).

There are changes that she can make to help...especially diet. Cut the refined sugars and processed feeds the disease...

gluten free can help...lots of fruits and veggies - fruit for sweet cravings...

Lots and Lots of water too...detoxing is important.

Also - has she been tested for co-infections? Also - for reactivated viruses? HHV6 can cause neurological issues if left untreated...

Lyme very rarely comes this is important to find out - even parasite infections need to be looked for.

I have neuropathy in my spine - and it is NOT fun...some damage can be repaired - with time - and the disease being in remission. but if there are co-infections - left untreated - it could take longer.

Hope this helps


06/22/2009 10:20 PM
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i too have had numbing in my feet, legs, hands and arms...........oh and even in my face. it started almost 2 yrs ago...............which then i was going down the road of a "possible" MS diagnosis.

last aug 2008 i tested positive for lyme. and co - infections. i have tryed the natural route for 8-9 mths and added the conventional antibiotics in jan of this year along with. i felt some better after starting the mepron...... then crash,

i now have had a pic line since march.............was on iv rocephin 2 grams for 7 weeks and now taking a break due to low blood work! been off for 5 weeks and i am getting the numbing back - really bad in my legs and feet - and it moves around- but mostly from the knees down.

same with me- alyssao............. the muscle fatigue - heaviness in legs and arms, you said - weights! i also feel tingling going down, a buzzing feeling and muscle twitching!

i am in the waiting stage of what to do next - what is going to subside these symptoms - are they always going to be there?/

have you been on the site / symptoms list?? it is quiet amazing! what this bacteria can do !

i do agree with Christine - detoxing is one of the most important things and drinking alot of water! when i was able to do this - i did feel some better..........(using the sauna)

now - i am so brain fogged - it sometimes takes me half the day to get dressed and feed my children. and then around 2:00 .... i realize that i havent had a thing to drink.............whhheew, it is exhausting - the things to remember - and the constant thinking about what to do to get a step better! i have to make lists and lists to get things done - and be sure not to lose them..

guess i am a little off topic................ i do have numbness and it is very bothersome!!!! ya know - mine is usually worse at night - i always have a sensation of that numb feeling but during the night i can wake up and have to literally pick my hand off the bed with the other hand - and the same with my foot.

anyone know of treatment for this symptom............. or is it there until the lyme is fully attacked - OR is it permanant damage?

also have any of you experienced sore throat - on the outside of the neck.... hard to swallow, just a feeling of inflamation-

stiff neck, and joints have been really bothering me too!

ok - i could go on and on...........

12/24/2012 04:47 PM
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My began in the knee with weakness and pain. I lost the ability to walk without a cane for many years. If you read my profile it tells my story. But in the end, it is a really bad parasite. It can do things that doctors are still trying to figure out


12/25/2012 05:19 PM
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this post has had NO replies for 3.5 yrs. until today.

may i suggest it be closed and newcomer can start a new post.



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