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06/14/2009 04:42 PM

Bulls-eye rash

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I just discovered a bulls-eye rash on my mother's arm and she said she pulled a tick from the area. She was/is on 10 days of Amoxicillon (1500 mg/day)for a sinus infection when she discovered it. I was wondering if this will be enough antibiotics to fight it. Thank you for your time.

06/14/2009 05:04 PM
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Although its a good thing she was on the Amox when she got bit, I dont believe its enough. I think she should report the rash with a doctor and see if you can get her another 30 days. There are different types of antibiotics and different forms of the Lyme. Not all are killed with certain meds. To be on the safe side, have her checked.

06/15/2009 06:12 AM
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I agree with Carol here.... really a few days of amoxi isn't usually going to be's good she happend to be on them when she discovered it, take a pic of the rash, and if you need the name of a lyme doc send me a pm of the state she's in and I'll see what I can do

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