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05/30/2009 05:23 AM

finally diagnosed

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Hello guys. Long time, no speak. It's Iulia again here from Romania. I finaaaally got diagnosed after 5 months of feeling bad, but i guess it could have lasted longer, from what i read here. Of course my ELISA tests from Romania came up negative, so they all sent me to the psychiatrist, but i knew better. So i went to that great doctor from Hungary and he examined my blood with the dark-field microscope and he was able to see the spirochetes themselves and not loo for antibodies that weren't there. Now I talked to a doctor from Romania who believes in the Hungarian doctor and is going to watch me thru treatment. I guess i'm one of the lucky ones and i am getting treatment quite soon. However, i do not know if i have any co-infection and i asked the doctor about that and he told me that it was hard enough for him to diagnose the 3 strains of Borrelia that i have: burgdorferi, afzelii and garinii, but that the meds that i will take, iv and orally will attack any possible coinfections. Anyway, i have no more money, i spent everything on tests after tests and my dad hates to pay for pills, he even told me to go to the unemployed office to get a paper to get the meds for free. So i cant force my parents to buy igenex tests for coinfections. I guess I will start teh treatment the the Hungarian doctor gave and see how it goes. Wish me luck.

05/30/2009 10:23 AM
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Congrats!!! Now to start the long road to recovery. My very best wishes and keep us up to date.


05/31/2009 08:29 AM
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So glad to hear that you finally have some answers...

I know the whole co-infection this is worrisome - but depending on what they put you on - it is entirely possible that possible co-infections can be treated...

However for babesia if that is a possibility - that one is tougher...

But give it time...start feeling better so you can get some of your life back...


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