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04/07/2009 04:20 PM

Potential Lawsuit

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Hello to all,

I would like to say that I am truly sorry to read all these stories of people in so much pain.

I am a litigation consultant that finds potential new lawsuits for major lawfirms.

I have done some research on Lyme disease and feel that there could be a potential class action.

With your help I can find defendants to file a lawsuit against.

Can anyone write back with any information on insurance companies refusing treatment or testing labs not testing correctly, anything that you think might help bring light on this very serious illness.

thank you

broke up solid text into short paragraphs for severe neuro lyme patients like me/others. bettyg, iowa leader

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04/08/2009 06:26 AM
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What a question!!!

What you have to understand is that we are a very careful and suspicious bare with me for a few.

First, many of us have spent everything we have on treating this disease, so legal fights are for some nearly impossible.

Second, a lawyer would really need to do an enormous amount of leg work, and research and need to understand the truth behind this disease.

So I would first suggest having an understanding of what is happening currently with the results of CT's investigation into the IDSA...the very members that downplay the disease and help the ins co's win their battles.

Dont get me wrong, there have been patients who have been able to get their treatment approved simply by getting an attorney.

But to really shed light on this disease...that's a though one. There are those with power and influence that keep us where we are - at least for now.

Don't take offense, but this post does seem a bit on the solicitation side - and will cause many to become a bit weary...

But I am also one to give the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you do also care...

And it would be a big jump if we were able to get more people the help they needed, if there were some bulldog lawyers fighting for us...

But that would bring you back to understanding. We tend not to trust too many. Because we have been wronged in SO many ways.

Before just coming forward with, the "Hey contact me, and...", you really need to do the research here.

This is a very complex disease - in a countless number of ways.

And the ones who really need the pressure put on them are protected - the Dr's.

There would be a lot a lawyer would be up against. The IDSA has the medical world and then some believing that Chronic Lyme doesnt exist - when in fact that it does.

There is plenty of proof - but if they dont open their eyes and acknowledge it - then in their world it doesnt exist. How nice right.

From a personal stand point...I know I would want an attorney who not only believed but understood. The more passion he/she would have for the fight the better.

This is a very personal and individual a good attorney would understand that.

We should have a lot of room here for lawsuits and stuff - but it is so complex...and we all know how laws are and stuff...

If this is an avenue that you think can be pursued, look close and look hard.

Take the time to read the the research...the last thing I would want to see is someone getting there hopes up, and everything falls apart.

There are too many that simply couldnt handle that kind of stress - and it could potentially cause their health to get worse...

This would be a commitment on your part - a pretty hefty that something you are prepared for??

broke up longer paragraphs to short ones; used quotes to enlarge text for severe neuros like me. bettyg, iowa leader

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04/08/2009 06:30 AM
johnnylightPosts: 234

Well said cmany, it would take a lot to win a case and patients are too sick to fight and too BROKE.

04/08/2009 07:00 AM
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What this gentleman is suggesting, however, is a class action suit...very different from just one us suing...

The target of the initial lawsuit should be the IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America)

They are the ones, in my opinion, that are most criminally negligent here.

They are the trusted institution that is feeding misinformation, purposely, to the doctors and the medical professions.

They are the ones whose efforts have caused so much harm and even death to so many by denying us treatment and even our very existence and then trying to cover up their lies and conspire to keep us sick by creating FMS and CFS,etc. or calling it a psychosomatic disorder...basically labeling us as Nutso...

We need the public forum of a trial for the truth to come out.

I understand that we are a wary group but this deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Texas- we need more details from you, please.

Please PM me with your business information so that I may validate for the group who you are and that you are legit!

We need a champion to fight for us but please do not seek to lift up our hopes if you are not completely committed to the task.

I just found out that my baby girl who is less than 2y/o is also infected...

This means that my case, like so many others, proves that the information the IDSA is so staunch a protector of are just flat out wrong...and they Know they are wrong...that's criminal!

If I did not continue to have a persistent active infection of Bb (chronic Lyme), despite almost a year of antibiotics then it would not be possible for my daughter to acquire it from me, right? Well, that's what the IDSA would have you believe.

But the fact remains that I do have a chronic persistent infection and I did pass it to my child.

I was lied to my whole pregnancy about the risk of passing Lyme and then to add insult to injury, I was lied to about being able to pass it via breast milk.

And then, when I presented my concerns to her pediatrician about me being CDC positive for Lyme and possible transmission, I was practically laughed at.

Her pediatrician would have continued to miss the diagnosis possibly until it would be too late!

There is most certainly a case here that needs to be heard.

So don't jerk our chain, Tex! LOL

I guess that's the short and long of it!Wink

broke up longer paragraphs for neuros like me; used quotes to enlarge text for me. bettyg, iowa leader

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04/08/2009 08:12 AM
TiffanyLPosts: 73

I agree with dharma...for a class action lawsuit, the target has to be the IDSA. They're the ones ultimately standing in the way of people getting treatment and destroying lives in the process.

04/08/2009 08:43 AM

I will take video of my two babies, who are getting tested as soon as the kits arrive,

one who twitches and can't put his hand to mouth and can't sit or crawl, and has the dev delay of a 4 month old and he will be 9 months on the 14th,

and my other one who can't talk and has many autistic tendencies,

if it is proven that they have lyme I will agree to use their footage as evidence,

in addition to anything else needed. I just keep wondering,

WHY WHY WHY??? IS the IDSA and the others SO against updating the treatment protocol and everything?

What is their gain?

I think it is the pharmaceutical companies or having to do with money exchanging somewhere!

broke up solid text to short paragraphs. bettyg, iowa leader

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04/08/2009 08:54 AM
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thank you for all the post

let me first say that this is a fact finding mission and not a solicitation.

I have read many articles and post and yes this is a very difficult process.

My job is to try and help people that have no voice.

I need help in understanding this diease so that I can see if there in fact is someone to sue.

The litigation process is not always fair

I think all of you have a case just in fact that the suffering you are going thru but to prove it in a court of law is a different thing.

So please I'm not here jerk anybody around

I would like to get input from people who are afflicted with lyme diease and see if I can shed light on this diease.

I may not be able to help anyone but if I don't try; well then I have not done my job.

So please again this is a fact finding mission and any input would be greatly appriciated.

Thank you to the group leader to allow me to post.

broke up solid text; used quotes to enlarge text for me. bettyg, iowa leader

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04/08/2009 09:07 AM
johnnylightPosts: 234

Did you see the movie UNDER OUR SKIN that's the first step, the movie explain everything about the IDSA and thier Patents of Lyme Borrelia.

Attorney Bloomingthal or something like that, has the IDSA on the ropes with hiring a new Lyme Board but we all believe they are hiring the same post Lyme Docs that they fired.

Post Lyme meaning that after 4 to 6 weeks of treatments there is no more infection and if the Patient is still sick it must be something else.[/quote]

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04/08/2009 09:11 AM
johnnylightPosts: 234

So sorry about this apstarlet, that's why i am here and on so many web sites because of the children.

it's just awful what's going on but at least you are taking charge of the situation and not letting stupid Docs run your life.

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04/08/2009 09:24 AM

Yes, I def want to see that movie, seeing the trailer made me cry and almost fall out of my chair with recognition!

All 4 of my kids have weird symptoms, like my eldest who has a hard time wearing clothing because he is very hypersensitive, amongst other things, but that is a story for another day!

Anything we can do, lets do it!

Honestly I care more about their prognosis than my own, I guess thats being a mom!

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