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03/27/2009 06:43 PM

Do people get "cured"

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Hi All,

I have just recently started researching lyme, in particular "chronic lyme" because although I haven't been diagnosed yet, I believe I do for at least 8 years. I am OK besides very annoying symptoms - headaches, minor joint pains, muscle twitches, skin problems, malaise & depression - by annoying I mean not debilitating - I still have a pretty normal functioning life.

From my research and from reading these boards it seems many people on here and other places I've read online say they are undergoing treatment or have had years sometimes of treatment, and are "still fighting", or some variant of that.

I have not read accounts of people who had this for a long time, years, finally got diagnosed, went on x months or years of treatment then were "cured" or almost perfectly fine.

I figured maybe because those people might not come on the forums anymore?? Does this happen? I ask because I am not in terrible shape now, and if I got even moderately better - malaise gone, depression gone, headaches reduced, etc...I'd be pretty much fine...but is my best case hope to just maintain the status quo and not get worse??

Can someone educate me on this or point me in the right direction to articles, research, etc??

Much Appreciated!! Smile


03/28/2009 06:03 AM
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The term "Cure"is pretty conflicting when it comes to Lyme.

Understand that if you have co-infections, and/or other infections such as Candida, viral, parasites, etc., it becomes an even more difficult disease to treat.

Because of the nature of the sprirochete, its ability to change form in order to protect itself; its ability to hide within our own cells, and its ability to lay dormant in our body for years, it is very complex to treat.

When you get sick with lets say Strep throat, you are given 10-14 days of an antibiotic. Why, because of the replication process. That bacteria breaks down and replicates ever 18 minutes or so (give or take a few minutes its been a while since i heard the exact number). But the 10-14 day abx course, is sufficiant to destroy the bacteria.

With Lyme, it can take 12-24 hrs for replication, and then it can go right into dormancy if need be. Once dormant, it does not break down, therefore it is NOT vulnerable to the abx.

If it chooses to enter our cells (b cells if i am remembering - its early bare with me), then it goes undetected there for however long it needs. Again not vulnerable to abx or our immune system.

Compound this with co-infections like Babesia, which is difficult to detect and treat itself, it can take potentially years to effectively push the disease back and put it in remission.

You also have to realize that Lyme is like a gateway disease. It comes into our bodies, and if it can, it will tear down our immune systems and make us vulnerable to all sorts of other bacterial and viral infections - not to mention those that are dormant in our systems already.

This is why it is KEY to treat the whole body. Immune and adrenal support is very important. Eating foods that our bodies are designed to process. Drinking more water...removing the refined sugars and processed foods...

When you have Lyme with or without co-infections, you are fighting a war on a cellular level. Some people are lucky in that they have a very strong immune system - and they can fight it. But many more of us just dont have that.

That is why I tell people not to focus on the word CURE. You first want to focus on BETTER, because better is a step in the right direction.

Once we get better, we get Even Better, and that leads us to Remission. We strengthen our bodies to care for itself, and we can keep the disease at bay. Baring reinfection or trauma or illness that could trigger relapse.

Hope this helps some...



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