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07/18/2012 04:54 PM

Pressure in Lower Abdomen

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For the past 5 days I am having terrible pressure in my lower abdomen and I don't know why. It is driving me crazy. I can't take it anymore.

I don't think it feels uterine. But I'm not entirely sure it feels bowel related either. I really don't think it's bladder related, although the added pressure on my bladder is uncomfortable. I guess that's the only thing that makes me wonder if it may be uterine. I really can't tell. I am so uncomfortable I want to scream. Any ideas?

I do have adenomyosis and I passed a "pancake" a few months ago. The lab had no idea what it was, only that it was benign. Maybe it's that again. I can't remember what it felt like the first time.

I hate going to the obgyn. She's really good, best around here, but SLOW SLOW SLOW and they keep the office temperature at like 78, and I'm hot natured, so by the time the doctor comes in to examine me, I'm so sweaty I look like I've been for a swim. Kind of a silly reason not to go, but it really annoys me.

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07/18/2012 05:44 PM
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sorry your feeling this way=( Im on vaca and i had to go to the ER for such abdominal pain/pressure... they gave me a pelvic and rectal exam.. no results yet=/

07/18/2012 07:32 PM
luvmountainsPosts: 694

I had something like this (maybe?) last summer...they thought it was a ruptured cyst, but the ultrasound didn't show anything.

It eventually (many days) moved to excruciating flank pain. This was before my Lyme dx, so I thought I had kidney troubles. Who knows what it was...something lyme-related. It eventually subsided.

Sorry, not much help, but I think I had that!

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07/18/2012 07:40 PM
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Luvmountains, that is exactly how my symptoms began. 2 trips to the ER with a diagnosis of a ruptured cyst on my ovaries. Hardly! Then the flank pain. Wow! Colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRI, Pet scan, Nothing found! Finally Lyme diagnosis. Clinical DX at first then, positive bandson Igenex test. Not CDC positive. Cd 57 was at 8.

07/18/2012 08:05 PM
luvmountainsPosts: 694

Whoa that's crazy! I wonder what made it present that way for us! A lot of my pain, stiffness has been focused in the hip/butt/ovary region.

Kind of maybe unrelated, but I've also had sharp electric shock-type pain in my groin and butt. This doesn't happen that often, but when it does it's crazy!

Maybe someone else knows what would cause Lyme to present this way - weird!! (but then again, Lyme is just weird! - so unpredictable!)

07/18/2012 08:19 PM
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This sounds alot like what I went through with when I was having trouble getting a dx of some sort.

My pelvis would rotate (they also call this pelvic upslip),and it was oh so painful. The physical therpist was about the only one that could help me at the time. I'm sure now that lyme was tied in with this somehow.

Best Wishes.


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