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02/27/2009 11:37 AM

"mass" on my spleen

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so, as most of you know, I've been throwing up for over a year now, constant nausea, so been going thru the battery of fun...

My latest test was last week, drinking barium, and having a CT scan. when I went to the GI doc yesterday for the results, he said it all looked fine and wants to run a stomach emptying test, and cortisol levels.

I asked for a copy of the report, when I got home I was reading it and it says I have a 3cm by 3cm mass on my spleen! He NEVER even said anything about that!!!

I'm just getting so tired of it all, of course when I brought up brain swelling assosiated with lyme (which I'm pretty sure is the problem with the nausea at this point, otherwise the several anti nausea pills I have been on would be doing something I'd think), he said "if you had brain swelling you wouldn't be sitting here right now" aaahhhh, so educated...NOT!!! I didn't even go there with him, he annoys me and wasn't in the mood. But he can't seem to give an educated GUESS as to what might be going on here....

and to not even mention a mass was in the findings! OMG!

anyone have any idea's about this now? interestingly enough one possiblity I came up with when I was googling was parasitic splenic cysts.... hmmmmm....

I just want to slap this man. If I could only describe what he looks like, and how he looks at me, it's so irritating, I was in such a horrible mood for the rest of the day, like ready to snap! "Der, I don't know" anytime I present him with FACT he looks at me dumbfounded, not necissarily argueing it, but just as if he doesn't know...honestly, he must have been at the bottom of his class.

I'm kinda at a stand still now, beside myself, haven't slept in 7 days, was throwing up until 3 am last night, still very nausiated today, tired of being poked and prodded and nobody having a clue. Not sure which way to turn at this point. I have completly and utterly lost faith in the medical community at this point.

I asked my regular doc to change my xanax to ativan because in a LOT of my research on treating LONG term nausea and vomitting , of course cancer treatment comes up....I guess ativan is used a lot with cancer pts for relief. He really doesn't want to change anything, and besides "they are really pretty much the same thing" uhhhhhh, yeah, ok.... can I scream now???? so a benzo is a benzo is a benzo, kinda like what an abx is abx is abx??? if that were the case, we would only need one of each kind of drug....


02/27/2009 01:33 PM
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I'm so sorry the medical community has failed you like this, Jaime. It sucks and you don't deserve it and it is SO not fair!

I wish I had some ideas about the mass. I think I've read somewhere that it isn't out of the realm of Lyme possibility to have masses on various things. I also want to say that they are mostly benign but I really can't say for certain.

I'm sorry for your frustration and your pain and sufferring. May the Lord lift it from you and help ease your burden. You and your family are in my prayers, sweetie. I hope you feel better soon! Smile

02/27/2009 02:15 PM
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I am so sorry Jaime, I hope you get the answers and the right treatment form you Drs. It sucks when they won't listen.

Keeping you in my prayers!!

Love n'hugs


02/27/2009 04:24 PM
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I was sick with lyme for a year to but not this badly

i know how you must feel about your doctor but their working hard

dont let it effect your life and i am so sorry

stay postive

02/27/2009 04:49 PM
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Im sorry to hear that your so sick and that your doctors are inept. Maybe its time to see someone else. My suggestion would be to have an ultrasound of the spleen. It may have been an anomoly . I would look for a specialist in the lymphatic system.

On a different note the spleen is a filtration system. It filters out bacteria and infection. So using what little common sense I have sometimes I dont think its such a stretch to think that a long term illness can put a strain on the spleen. Does it account for the vomiting? That I dont know but it does sit right next to the stomach!!!

I hope you get answers soon. I know how trying it can be. Cancer patients get to smoke weed for their nausea.

Feel better

02/27/2009 05:59 PM
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Hi Jaime,

So sorry to hear you've been going through so much. I can't believe the doctor, well I can. What an A$$. Sorry. Very frustrating to say the least. How can he miss a mass? An a$$ is what he is. Sorry..

I can only imagine how frustrated you are...I would go back and slap him and make sure the news people are there to get you slapping him and then tell them why.

My prayers are with you my friend. I hope you can get all this taken care of and get answers.. I pray that you find a good doctor who truly will understand what you're going through and know how to treat you. I pray you get some sleep also. Keep us updated.


03/02/2009 03:20 PM
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I'm soooo sorry Jaime. I wish I could help. Have you talked to your LLMD? I personally think that's where you need to go with this next. IDK what else to suggest, but of all your docs, he seems to know what he's doing. Can he rx the ativan?

Know you're in my thoughts, hun. Love you,


P.S. Please keep us update on what's going on with you! Kissing

03/02/2009 03:37 PM


Sorry you are still going through all this BS.

When they say mass it usually means CYST..Believe me when I say this. On my report of my kidney, and spleen it always will say "MASS" and its cysts on my sleen and kindey and they just found one on my liver...I would question him on this...

Its small so that is good. Mine on my kideny is 9cc (getting bigger) that is the one I have to have removed, the others are 3cc and 4cc.

As long as they don't look like cancer they pretty much leave them be unless they are causing you pain. I don't believe that "Mass" is cauing you to throw up. Have you asked about the "Blood Test" to detect cancer cells, alot of insurancs will not pay for it, Jim gets it every year due to his brother and sister dying of cancer, I want to say its around 1,000.00 and his insurance does pay for it.

I do think the stomach emptying test is a good idea that way all can be ruled out...

If you don't like this doctor then I would try and find another one if you can...When you don't have faith in your doctor, well then the relationship should end..

You know I'm thinking about you and you are always in my prayers.



03/02/2009 08:42 PM
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JAIME! Am sorry. Was about to jot down what Julie said.. Remember we have gotten into this before with the test terms (upper GI) and I would say cyst , now- where I am from, a mass is a mass (unknown etiology) and a cyst is a cyst- BUT- if they didn't tell you (damned docs) esp with 3x3 it would be assumed cyst.. I would think they would have told you for sure either way, but def if they suspected otherwise.I know it's not that comforting as we would all act the same way. We all probably have cysts or masses however they want to refer to them up yonderSmile and the spleen does do some heavy work for us..Usually if cancer (God forbid) you would have splenomegaly noted on the report-enlargement, and nausea oddly enough isnt' the USUAL symtpom or even on the top ten.

As far as the benzos go- same class different DRUGS, man, maybe the doc's on way too much stuff for he clearly doesn't know his head from his asshole. With a GI DOC that's scary enough for that 's his specialty..

Let us know if you got any answers. Am thinking of you!

03/03/2009 03:29 AM
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(((Jaime))) I hope you can have this properly diagnosed and treated very soon, it sounds very debilitating.

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