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06/19/2012 10:07 AM

Spine pain and muscles in my back

wanthealth12Posts: 309

anyone else here who gets spine pain or feel like the muscles in your back feel like there ripping (torn mucscle feeling)

I cant sit, stand, lay down.

I have to lean on my knees and lean forward over the couch seat or bed with my head on a pillow.

Even that still causes the strain feeling in my back.

I swear I feel like a creature not a person.


06/19/2012 10:51 AM
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This was one of my worst areas...

Lots of varying pain...but yes what you describe as well...

Do you have normal sensation on your if someone placed something cold on it...does it register for you as cold? Is there a delay in registering the pain, touch, hot/cold?

When I was having major felt like my spine was being squished from top to bottom, while being squeezed and twisted...and at times it would feel like I had an ice cold string that ran down the inside of my vertebrae...

And with that...if I moved it felt like this string would touch different areas and send waves of pain throughout my body...

One of the things that I noticed was that if I took a shower...the heat did not register properly on my back...arms and legs...yea but my spine...I would have to run hot water down my spine for nearly 10 minutes before the nerves would react properly...and rec'd the signals to move out of it...

Are you on anything for nerve pain???

06/19/2012 02:01 PM
wanthealth12Posts: 309


funny you mentioned the air mattress because I have thought maybe the bed is aggravating all of the back issues that are present

so I thought about getting a little blow up air mattress for now just to try because god knows that I can buy a new mattress...Too much money...

but a little one for now might work...I'm gonna try.

Either way, I can return it if anything.

06/19/2012 02:38 PM
wanthealth12Posts: 309


the nerve stuff is odd with me...I cant figure it out.

Im not on anything for the nerves but I do take heavy pain killers occasionally now for the back stuff but then when it takes that ripping pain away....I get wicked nerve sensations.

Horrible nerve sensations.

nerve sensations in my chest and throat get scary...

i have an increase in sensations....sometimes Hot is real hot and cold is real cold

06/19/2012 03:44 PM
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I would say that you may want to give the Supplement Gaba a try...

It should give an overall calming effect, which will also calm the nerves...

Its also best to take it with B12 and a good B complex...sublinguals...

You can get Gaba as a sublingual too...

But in order to pass the blood brain barrier, you need to take higher doses of Gaba - no less then 750 mgs...

I used 1000mg pills and took sublingual B's...and it really helped....

Vitacost brand 200 caps @ 1000 mgs through vitacost is $12.99

Vitacost Sublingual Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 Cherry -- 1000 mcg - 120 Sublingual Tablets $6.49

Vitacost B-100 Complex -- 100 Capsules $6.39

Just an example of products and they are having a special right the vitacost brand at regular price and get another half off...PLUS free shipping of vitacost brands on orders over $25...

Need our health...but we always need to save a buck too...

But this may be able to help some...

However, if you do decide to try Gaba...if you find that you get high strung and not calming...then it doesn't work for you...

Hope this can help hun


06/19/2012 04:22 PM
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Just chiming in to let you know that I also have the back problems.

Long before my diagnosis, I kept going to osteopaths trying to find out what was wrong with it.

I needed an ultra firm bed.

Before I found the Select Comfort bed (cheapest model), I had gotten to the point I was going to Sams Club and buying a twin for about $100..

They would stay firm enough for about a year.

So I had resigned myself that I would be buying a new mattress each year.

Sometimes the pain gets too bad even for any mattress.

Oh, sometimes I would sleep with a Thermacare pad set along my spine.

The heat would mask the pain enough for me to get some sleep.

Anyway. I guess many of us suffer these problems.

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06/19/2012 05:42 PM
wanthealth12Posts: 309


when i went to a kinesologist few weeks back...she mentioned tryptophan and alot of it....Does gaba relate to tryptophan?

what exactly does the b vitamins do for the nerves?


I tried the thermal pad things few weeks back but it didnt work good for me.

I have gone through bottles of icy hot for the nerve only touches the

surface nerve issue but not the deep feeling

06/19/2012 09:38 PM
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Tryptophan is good for sleep...we get it turkey...thus the many nap takers on Thanksgiving...LOL...

I am including a link below...this guy (dr) has a lot of products and I am not saying that his are or are not the way to go...however...he has A LOT of information about many things...

You can scroll down and find the links for Tryptophan, Gaba, Maca...and many many other supplements and medical issues...

Lots of good info...

But one of the things that I picked up from this about 5-HTP - which has good benefits...but if you look at sexual enhancement...5-HTP converts to serotonin...which suppresses sex drive...

So it is important to read through before making decisions...

I used to have a link that really demonstrated the correlation between using the combo of Gaba and B vitamins...but I can't find it...Dizzy

But I know there is one...

Vitamins B6 (50-100 mg a day) and B12 (500-5,000 mcg a day—both B vitamins and Inositol) can actually help heal the nerves and decrease or eliminate the pain. Nerves take time to heal, so natural remedies need to be taken for 3-12 months.

And it could take longer for those of us with absorption issues...

I just can't find the darn page...Sorry...

Not what I was looking for...but in this one it says that it helps with the natural production of Gaba.... gaba

Hope this helps...


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