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05/31/2012 06:22 AM

Best test for co-infections?

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What is the best place to test for co-infections? I am pretty sure I definitely have some (Babesia and Bartonella, I think) but want to make sure I do it right. My initial test for lyme was done through IGenex. Are their co-infections tests reliable?



05/31/2012 06:33 AM
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In my opinion no test is very reliable.

You should be treating based on symptoms and not only a test result that may or may not be accurate.

I tested through Igenex but they all came back negative, but we are still pretty certain I have atleast 2 of the ones I tested negative on.

Maybe someone else may know more, but I would say if your llmd is willing to treat based of symptoms don't waste money on the inaccurate testing.

06/01/2012 03:41 AM
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print off dr. corson's kid's evaluation where she explains the entire body and WHICH DISEASES effect each body part. by the time you get done reading, based upon your sysptoms a dr. can clinically dx you.

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