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05/25/2012 10:30 PM

My dog was bitten by a tick...

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It really is a bad tick season.

My dog, Gus, had a tick on him last night. Feel pretty sure that he was the one who carried it in and so he is the only one it got to... But it was attached already when I found it.

I did everything right - removed the tick (my parents did it - I couldn't, totally freaked out), washed the bite area, froze the tick for safe keeping, and called the vet for an appointment.

This afternoon - a little over 12 hours after removing the tick - a red spot started expanding out from the bite site - all hot and angry looking. My heart sank. Because I knew in that moment that he has Lyme Sad

Took him to the vet - not our regular one, she wasn't in office. This vet told me the red area was normal! And to simply give him Benadryl!

She never once mentioned Lyme or any TBIs. My state is one of the highest for Ehrlichia - and she never mentioned that as a possibility - never told me what to watch for. I had to tell HER what type of tick it was (Brown Dog tick).

I informed her I have Chronic Lyme and TBI, so know about Lyme, etc... But she seemed genuinely ignorant and didn't care.

I managed to get 10 days of doxy out of her to start him on treatment. I held my snarky annoyed sarcastic comments to myself.

We will see our regular vet in a week to get 20 days more of antibiotics.

But it reminded me that just because vets are usually better at treating TBIs, they are still lousy at diagnosing them and are still fed the same myths and lies about Ticks and TBIs.

She seriously tried to tell me the tick hadn't been attached to him long enough to infect him... So Benadryl would work just fine.

I'm sorry if I don't want to wait the 6 weeks for my dog to show signs of paralysis (dogs usually take 4-6 weeks to show symptoms of Lyme outside of the rash).

I can't NOT treat him with all I know....

Just had to vent... totally irks me.

Bad tick season...make sure to check your loved ones. Furry ones included.



05/25/2012 10:53 PM
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purple, now i understand why you're so concerned about your dogs; oh my!

makes us so mad to know MORE than any type of dr! and them giving us the runaround!!

purple, at the top of my llmd list i sent you are some misc. notes; read the notes there about ANTIBIOTICS ok; that will give you another source!!

glad you were on top of things doing everything correctly and getting your pet to a vet.

hugs/prayers that these meds will take care of the problem and your dog will be cured.

i don't know if you saw my post the other day, I KNOW WHICH ONE?!!

anyway my online friend was bitten 3 SEPARATE TIMES, 3 DAYS plus her dog; all ticks had LYME!

so it's going to be a LONG, LONG tick season year for all of us.

hugs/prayers my friend for a hopeful outcome for your pet.

bettyg, iowa activist

05/26/2012 08:44 AM
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Sorry you had to deal with a stupid vet. Where we are, the vets are better than the doctors.

You're lucky you can see Gus's skin. My dog is so furry! Do you give Gus frontline? It works somewhat: not totally effective though. Our neighbors dog had LD and was on frontline.

Good luck

05/26/2012 09:52 AM
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Purple - Oh no... so sorry to hear what happened. Sadly, the most intelligent conversations I've ever had regarding LD & Co. were with Vets down hear in TX. (sigh) Well, 2 anyways. They wanted to know who my LLMD was, what protocol I was on, etc. They even wanted to know my LLMDs phone #.

You would think, considering that the majority of animal, care givers become infected with LD & Co., that the Vets would be more responsive. I guess there is still a long way to go regarding LD & Co. even with the Vets.

Hope you are able to get your dog some help soon, Purple. {{{hugs}}}

05/26/2012 10:40 AM
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Hi Purple

Both my dogs have Lyme disease and both of them are doing very well, My French Briard got deathly Ill when she was a puppy, I came down one Morning and found her laying in her cage breathing heavy, She went from this high drive herding dog to lifeless,over night

I had to carry her to the car and into the Vet she was that sick, She is doing great now, But we have pulled so many ticks off the dogs over the years, When we first moved into the house where we live we saw these insects on the floor that looked as big as a dime but all you saw was little legs

I Found out real quick that these insects on the floor were blood filled ticks from the peoples dog that lived here before us, Before I knew about lyme disease and the infestation of ticks we have here! I would spend hours with the dogs in the woods, Now I never go up in the woods

My dogs had so many ticks attatched before, we found many blood filled ticks on the floor, My Briard is black and has long hair, this is a nightmare to try to find ticks on here

i am not Vet but if that was my dog I would start in on abx right away, We have a supply of Abx ordered from thomas pet meds

Did i ever tell you how much I hate ticks grrrrrrrrrr


05/26/2012 12:39 PM
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Hi Purple,

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. My dog also has lyme. He is 13 and was diagnosed at about age 4 or 5. He was too high energy for us, and the lyme has slowed him down to a more normal pace, so really no complaints about that Smile

It has given him a heart murmur and joint stiffness. Other than that, he's still going strong. We never treated him for it. His breed only lives to an average of 10 years, and like I said, he's 13 and still going strong. Every fall we take him for a check up, and for the past 3 years the vet has said he seems to be reverse aging because he's in such good health.

05/26/2012 08:24 PM
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Thank you all for the kind words and information.

I know that like people, once dogs have lyme - they have it. Many apparently don't show symptoms. But Gus was already showing the rash 12 hours after removing the tick, and then sneezing, fever, and black gums 24 hours after removing the tick.

I didn't sleep much last night.

Good thing is: Doxy does wonders. His gums are more pinkish today - less black, and the rash is fading.

I have left over Doxy from my last round. If I don't get the rest of the 20 days he will need for treatment, I will be using my left over Doxy.

Thank you everyone!



05/27/2012 07:57 AM
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Not wanting to be a bum, I like dogs, but this is why I'm not getting a dog or cat near my house.

I have a guineea pig. Smile

05/27/2012 08:02 AM
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Glad Gus is doing better! And it's awesome you caught it early. Weird, black gums. That must've been really scary.

Hugs to you and Gus.

05/27/2012 09:03 AM
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I recall my grandmother having a few dogs with black gums.

Could that be from a tick bite or it can also have other causes?

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