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05/25/2012 04:00 AM

My Natural protocol...

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Well I just got back from my doctor and I was disappointed that I did not get the Byron White formula. Instead I was given the following protocol.

Gemmo Juniperus 3.75ml 2x/day

Gemmo Ulmus 3.75ml 2x/day

Gemmo Juglans 2.5ml 2x/day

Gemmo Ficus 2.5ml 2x/day

Wait ten minutes after Gemmo AM dose then take..

Gammadyn Cu-Au-Ag

1 tablet under tongue

After my Gemmo PM dose I have to take...

Gammadyn Mn-Co

1 ampoule under tongue


Transfer Factor Multi-immune

Transfer Factor LymPlus

Does this look effective???? Why do I feel worried? I'm not sure how these are used to specifically target the lyme and kill it. It looks more like it supports the immune system.

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05/25/2012 04:24 AM
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Umm,????? I've not seen your Doc's approach, in many ...many...I've read here....

However...It never means he's wrong....or right...This disease is not cut and dry.....

Perhaps....I don't know...I'm not in your Doc's mind...but he thought you need to work on some other things....that are really low...

or you need to detox...or he's lookin' for something?...He has a beleif in what he has tried on a majority of his patients.....

Beleive me...I understand...about communication with a

I sometimes wonder if mine talks! LOL...

But..I've given him the benifit of the doubt....glad I we went in my treatment....We would talk a bit more.....and I learn to squeeze a bit more out of

Some Doc's may want to try to get some things corrected??? before you start something....really as perhaps BW products??????

Have you investigated what he gave you? and figured out perhaps his reason of approach?????

I know it's hard for us who have this disease....but we must give more than 100% not only fightin' but learnin' too....

best to you, perhaps you will share with us what you find out...???


05/25/2012 08:24 AM
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Is this way more or less expensive than BWF?

Your doctor could be targeting some of the things inside the BW products possibly? Not positive about that, but there are loads of naturals that do amazing work against microbes and stuff.

You could also be working on detoxing and cleansing your pathways before a real potent treatment will be added to kill a mass amount, and you need your pathways clear so you don't herx as hard.

I would encourage you to ask your doc what each of these things do specifically, so you are more knowledgeable about the things you are taking. Then we can learn something about these from you. Wink

But don't worry if it's BW or not. Those don't work for everyone. They work for most, I will say--that I've known of, but this may be something you will do later in treatment. They are so potent that some people can only take 1/4 drop a day.

So don't get discouraged. Give it a shot and keep us posted, ok?

Lots of love,


05/25/2012 08:38 AM
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I agree with Lauren --

If you are worried, talk to your doctor Smile It's important to have an open partnership with them.

They could be working on supporting your system first before going after the bugs. After all - the biggest key to treating these illnesses is the immune system.

I'd encourage you to talk to your doctor. I know sometimes I want to jump into a treatment, but have to wait to start other things first.



05/25/2012 10:15 AM
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If you aren't seeing any change in a month or so- I would reconsider your approach, and perhaps your doc, who should have given you reasoning for what they are prescribing.

I have researched natural approaches for some time and have not seen or heard of the above, again, not saying it isn't something effective.

Be your own advocate.

05/25/2012 10:26 AM
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Here is a link- it seems like the gemmo is for detox: .Juniper.-.Gemmotherapy.(G-21)

The gammadyn is for adrenals and contains silver and sodium:

And the Transfer Factor seems to be the immuno-modulator and perhaps anti-bacterial (as it states flu-like symptoms may result): category=Transfer%20Factor&catid=17

The origianl transfer factor (not lyme targeted) appears to have similar properties (from webpage above) to Buhner's protocol of Japanese Knotweed, which I have had great success with. Not sure if the lyme targeted one does or not.

I did see a post where someone had strong abdominal cramping from the transfer factor- watch for that.

Good luck!

05/25/2012 01:09 PM
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He does collaborate with some great doctors, so i will give him the benefit of the doubt. He's been conversing with am LLMD and he came to a conclusion that BW might not work for everyone and it could be dangerous. I was adamant about not going the antibiotics route unless i had no other choice.

Thank you so much for the links. It was so late last night i just thought i would post my situation first n then do further investigation today. You gave me a good starting point.

I will embark on my journey as a guinea pig and report back whenever I can. I will not be starting my protocol until end of next week as theres some stuff to be taken care of first. I'm debating whether i should add chorella into the mix to get rid of the brain fog. In the meantime i will do detox baths and drink plenty of lemon water?

05/30/2012 04:06 AM
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I forgot to ask some questions in my previous post so i will write them now before i forget again. So my alternative doctor really recommends i see the llmd in the US but i wanted to stay away from the antibiotic route and go with byron white formula.

At the moment my doctor is reluctant to give me byron white formula cause of potential dangerous symptoms from using it. If i do get byron white formula then he would treat me whilst communicating with the llmd in the US.

Now my question is, should i still see the llmd directly or should i save the trips and funds considering my doctor and llmd would be relaying information back and forth in regards to my treatment.

05/30/2012 10:16 AM
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This article on Bwf'S is great and easy to read Wink

It says that BWF's are safe and w/o toxicity.

It says they are virtually side effect free! Do not mistake side effects with herxing.

06/03/2012 05:09 PM
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Been doing a bit of reading on the gemmotherapy I was prescribed. It definitely looks like a good concept so i will stick with it and see where it leads. Now some of the products main purpose is to detox the body, mostly heavy metals and toxins. i would like to add chorella to my regimen for further detox for the brain. Is it too much at the moment? Should I wait. I will be on the current protocol for another 7 weeks.

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